10 of the Best Free Video Editing Software in 2022

In a perfect world, we’d always be getting Liew Seng Tat to direct our online video ads, but in fact, the majority of businesses must discover a way to produce material of Oscar calibre on medium levels of expenditures. The best part is that you can create the videos of your wishes thanks to the abundance of free video editors available on the internet.

Creating YouTube, Facebook Reels, TikTok, Instagram, or Twitter contents can sometimes be challenging because in-app editing options aren’t always up to your expectation. In order to help you expand your arsenal as a content creator, we’ve put together this amazing list of the greatest 3rd party video editing software.

Now continue reading, aspiring videographers, for our selection of the top free video-editing programmes and smartphone apps accessible in 2022… and furthermore solutions to all of your persistent queries about social video.

2022’s top free video-editing tools

Most of the programs on the list of free video editing apps here are excellent for creating material for media platforms, but free software by definition has some restrictions, such as a lack of functionality, in-app advertisements or watermarks.

However, we’ve tried to compile a list among the most practical, least intrusive solutions available, and to be frank, all ten finalists make it difficult to understand why somebody would purchase for a full-priced video editing software.

image 85 Video Editing Software


Given that it is already installed on all Apple products, this is the standard video editing programme for users of Apple. Despite the fact that there are simply two video tracks available to be used, there is charm in its minimalism because it is incredibly user-friendly and simple to get started. To rapidly make your video look presentable, examine the app’s respectable collection of pre-set filters, effects, transitions, and header alternatives.

The editor package is simple, but it includes all the essential features you could ever desire, like trimming and cutting, contrast adjustment, ambient noise reduction, and stabilisation for shaky video. Because of the connection with iTunes, you could add soundtracks from the royalty-free music and SFX collection or download tracks through your music collection.

Lacking the time to create the ideal film? Have AI decide everything for you by using the Magic Movie function in the most recent edition.

The fact that iMovie never pesters you to subscribe to a premium edition is one of its great attributes. There is no upselling; you receive what you view.

image 86 Video Editing Software


Lightworks has existed for more than 30 years, so you can count on it having excellent polish. Hollywood’s preferred professional editing programme, Lightworks, was used to modify The King’s Speech.

The learning curve is a little higher than with iMovie, however if you follow the overview video, you’ll be up and running as quickly as possible. Its keyboard commands and cutting that are made to handle massive amounts of material are adored by expert editors. Regardless of whether you’re a regular user, the colour correcting capabilities and built-in visual effects are very stunning and unrestricted.

Its robust timeline, immediate autosave, plus background editing allowing it to be a highly effective tool for finishing your clip as quickly as possible and putting it out into the globe. Just one drawback to utilising the free version is that you can only export in formats designed for YouTube, Vimeo, or MP4 and at a maximum resolution of 720p.

image 87 Video Editing Software

DaVinci Resolve

Nominated in an award for technology use is what you want, right? And who doesn’t? DaVinci Resolve is most likely the best free video editing tool to use in that case. DaVinci’s internet workflow systems make it especially helpful for distant partnerships.

Supporters also appreciate DaVinci’s (UX) design, which is separated under “Pages” so that people can approach each stage of the editing process in a targeted manner. Begin with trimming on the “Cut” page, then move on to the “Colour” panel to adjust the tones and highlights.

Before you click “download,” be certain the hardware could manage such robust utility because it demands a strong computer.

image 88 Video Editing Software


Clipchamp, which was newly obtained by Microsoft is a website that offers free video editing software. The designs and consumer-friendly interface, which were specially created for content creators, make it simple to create social videos and the good thing is that it doesn’t require a lot of your hard drive spaces.

You may get both paid and free raw material (film and sound!) directly through Clipchamp, therefore if you’re lacking the final moment to finish your amazing TikTok epic, you can easily find an appropriate alternative. Construct your video according to the social media requirements you select.

image 89 Video Editing Software


HitFilm is renowned for its rapidity. The user-friendly interface allows users to copy, trim, sync and slice with no lag at all; according to claims, it exports twice as quickly as rival products and plays back eight times as quickly.

Employ drag-and-drop transition and prepared presets to quickly produce content of extremely high quality with these simple but extremely efficient tools. Sound alterations are also simple thanks to auto audio sync.

If you desire to go that far with your online video processing, lighting is also a good addition: lighting leakage and fades offer video a theatrical vibe.

image 90 Video Editing Software


Shotcut is the free, accessible, and universal video editing software of the public. It does imply that it sometimes has bugs, however generally, it’s a fairly reliable software tool that appears on practically all lists of the “Best Video Editing Software” available.

Shotcut is incredibly useful in combining different files because it handles dozens of audio and video codecs. With drag-and-drop filing system, gathering all the materials for your masterful social video is simple.

image 91 Video Editing Software


Even though the webpage has an oddly antiquated aesthetic, VideoPad’s function cannot be questioned. VideoPad was created with simplicity in mind. You’ll get ready to jump right in and finish making your clip in just minutes. (The creators assert that it is the quickest device available.)

The tool has far more over fifty elements and transformations and covers more than sixty different video codecs. Users may use themes to quickly create special content such as title text movements or capture narrative directly in the programme.

You may share your video online with ease or simply post it to YouTube using the available PC and iOS.

image 92 Video Editing Software


Most video producers are invited to use this award-winning free video editing tool, which runs on Windows, Mac, or Linux. OpenShot is another accessible choice; it supports infinite tracks, allowing you to add many more elements as you like, including backdrop films, abundance of sounds, and crazy impacts.

This programme stands out from the rest of the pack thanks to its integrated animation structure, which allows you to animate practically everything in the frame to distinguish your video project to shine.

image 93 Video Editing Software


Additional free video editing programmes! As it seems that, online users are actually nice and giving. Utilize the collective programming expertise of the nice individuals who support Kdenlive and install this incredibly efficient free video editing tool to fulfil your goals of creating social videos.

Pick the interface layout that best suits your process before saving it. You can also set up keyboard shortcuts to work with your unique artistic process. Every audio or video format is also acceptable here.

image 94 Video Editing Software

Avid Media Composer

Avid Media Composer is a freeware, similar to other video editing programmes here on the lineup, however it doesn’t imply the UX is compromised. In order to deal with editing, audio, colouring, and effects with attention, a contemporary user interface is conveniently segmented into workstations. Alternately, you can reorganize the panes and gadgets to best suit your particular innovation side.

The multi-cam edit function in Avid automatically syncs a maximum of 64 various perspectives so you can begin modifying and matching right away. You may be managing an Instagram video rather than an Emmy-nominated sitcom, however why not make the most of the resources at your fingertips? If the constructed VFX and effects don’t add enough spice to your video, acquire additional modules and experiment with compound photography, motion effects, and other features.

FAQs about free video editing tool

Definition of video editing tool

Any computer model or mobile application that enables you to edit one or more media files is referred to as video editing tool.

Cutting down short videos, assembling or reorganizing clips, adjusting sound or graphic elements, and adding special effects or audio effects are all possible using editing tools.

Although relatively simple ones, the creation features of TikTok and Insta Reels are video editing instruments. When you post a video on social networks, anyone can add additional complex edits to it using more capable free or commercial video editing tools. The majority of videos you view on social networking sites have indeed been modified in certain way employing video editing tools. The video’s maker might have edited the duration, combined several sequences, or applied effects or enhancements.

The quality and worth of free video editing tool

Based upon what you wish to accomplish! Free video editing tools can be more than adequate in 90% of social media scenarios.

You may mix short videos, modify audio and visual components, and trim videos to the right platform proportions using any of the free video editing tools we’ve mentioned above.

What do a majority of YouTubers use for video editing

As it includes in Mac devices for free, iMovie is indeed a popular tool that new YouTubers utilize to modify videos. It offers all the fundamental features required to alter footages, remove “pauses” and, most crucially, incorporate a Ken Burns impact.

The use of iMovie is quite simple and basic to follow along. To put it another way, a fantastic option for starters.

However, since you can only utilize 2 video “tracks” (also known as layers), there are certain restrictions on how creative you can be with the effects. (Is there another disadvantage of iMovie? Yes! As it is only exclusive on Apple products.)

To benefit from the more advanced editing options provided by Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere CC, most expert YouTubers eventually update to those programmes.

These two video editing apps are excellent resources for allowing your curiosity run wild because they both come with a huge amount of application themes, settings, and features. Additionally, there are plenty of tutorials available to assist you in using all the amazing benefits.

After all, having this level of independence will come at a cost because Final Cut and Premiere may be quite expensive.

Choosing the right free video editing tool

A number of free video editing apps available; carefully examine their capabilities to determine which ones best suit your requirements.

Do you desire a product that is simple to export to social formats? Do you frequently employ picture-in-picture or green screen technology? If you frequently interact, is it possible for other creators to simply access the file? Do you want to add considerable impacts and layers or are you just going to splice footage together?

Consider how you utilize clips and what has previously surprised or annoyed you towards other technologies. After that, explore options and attempt to select one with qualities that match your particular preferences.

How to modify a video for free like a pro?

You should generally explore outside of TikTok, Instagram Reels, or Facebook Reels in-app editing facilities if you intend to modify your clips effectively.

To obtain the fundamental features, you need to colour correct, add visual and audio effects, trim, slice, or add sequences like the experts through a free video editing package.

Discover our ranking of the top free video editing programmes for 2022 by scrolling ahead.

The greatest watermark-free video editing programme?

There is no watermark on any of the list of our top free video editing tools that we have provided previously.

Review every 10 of the available free video editing programs by scrolling back up. You can customize without worrying that you won’t be able to export your masterpiece just because of an odd graphic mark. Naturally, producing engaging social media information requires more than just possessing the appropriate tools and abilities for video production. Your message, as well as your filmmaking abilities, are important.

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