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Complete Guide to Shopee Affiliate Marketing

With the Shopee Affiliate Program, which is a free programme, sellers can receive cash rewards for each successful order placed using a customised Seller Affiliate link.

You can post this link on your social media or sent as text messages for the reader to click in to make a purchase. As soon as a sale is made, you will receive a commission for the sale. Note: Only a few sellers are eligible for this service.

Who can Apply as a Shopee Affiliate:

The Shopee Affiliate Program has no application process because when it becomes accessible, sellers will be enrolled without having to do anything.

Benefits of the Shopee Affiliate Programme:

  1. There is no fee to join the programme.
  2. Earn additional cash rewards for all successful orders placed through the seller’s affiliate link.
  3. Payment of monthly monetary incentives is not capped.

How to kick-start the Shopee Affiliate journey:


Incentive Rate Table

For various buyer kinds and classifications, different incentive rates are used.

The amount of monthly financial incentives paid to vendors is uncapped. Please take note that the monetary incentive payout is capped to RM5 at the checkout level as of 1 July 2022.

incentive rate table


  • *The monetary incentive payout at the checkout level is capped at RM5 as of 1 July 2022.
  • Users who have never purchased anything from Shopee are referred to as **New Buyers.

How to earn as a Seller Affiliate:

Only completed orders from any Shopee store when customers click the Seller Affiliate link within 7 days are taken into consideration by the Seller Affiliate Program.

Cash incentives are released the next month after being processed on a monthly basis (i.e. completed orders made in September 2021 will be credited to your Seller Wallet by 31 October 2021).

If any of the following are found to have been violated by orders, Shopee has the right to exclude those orders from the cash incentive calculations:

  1. Unresolved payments;
  2. Unfulfilled orders (i.e. return and refund, non-payment, order forgery, fraud, etc.)
seller affiliate

When a customer accesses many Seller Affiliate links at once, the Seller Affiliate Program employs Last Click Attribution to determine who will receive the monetary rewards from a shared link. The operation of last click attribution is described in detail in the figure below.

affiliate link

In order for a Seller Affiliate to get incentives from orders placed within that month, they must, in summary, meet the following requirements:

  • Your Seller Affiliate link must be the final point of contact for the customer (last click attribution). The incentive will belong to the other seller if the buyer later clicks on other Seller Affiliate links.
  • After clicking on your seller affiliate link, buyers must complete their purchase within 7 days.
  • To earn your incentive payout for that order in the next month, the orders must be checked out within that month. Your incentive payout for that particular month will be carried forward to the following month if the order can only be completed in the following month.
  • Orders must have been paid for in whole and must not have broken any fraud-related rules.

How to track Seller Affiliate performance:

Through the “Seller Affiliate Program” option of the Shopee App, Seller Affiliates can monitor the effectiveness of their Seller Affiliate link.

seller affiliate performance


1. Reward Payout Duration: Weekly measurements and updates (i.e. 1st September 2021 – 7th September 2021).

2. Clicks: The quantity of clicks made on the customised Seller Affiliate link.

3. Orders Generated: The total number of orders placed through the customised Seller Affiliate link from the Seller Affiliates store.

4. Estimated Incentive Earned (RM): After taking into account transactions that were cancelled, incomplete, returned, refunded, or fraudulent, estimated incentive earned (RM) may differ from the final incentive payout.

How Shopee Affiliate works

Let’s first have a look at how it functions because it could sound too good to be true that you can earn money with little to no effort.

You must first understand that you are not selling anything on Shopee.

To advertise a good or service using a unique link that has a unique tracker is all it takes to use the Shopee Affiliate programme (or any affiliate network, for that matter).

You will immediately get paid by Shopee when someone clicks on your link and purchases the associated item. Sounds simple, no?

Here is a sample of a Shopee affiliate account that has posted links:

shopee affiliate works

How to register as a Shopee Affiliate

Fortunately, registering merely only three easy actions for anybody interested in becoming a Shopee affiliate.

Here is a straightforward, detailed guide;

Step 1: Account information


You need to sign in to your Shopee account first, and then click this link.

You’ll see this screen after logging in and clicking the supplied link.

Simply complete your account information here with all the relevant details, and then click the next button to move on to step 2.

Step 2. Gathering media information


After clicking next, the following will appear on your screen:

Now since this component is the most crucial one of the application procedures, be sure to fill it out completely.

You must enter the section you want your links to be listed in for that specific product category in the category specialised area. Promoting goods in that category makes the most sense, for instance, if you operate a Twitter feed about motorcycles. Determining the niche that best suits your audience will thus involve some consideration on your part.

You can also choose “all” if you don’t feel like deciding and believe your audience is diverse.

Once you have completed this area and have all the necessary information filled out, click the “next” button so that we may go on to the following and last step.

Step 3: Registration end


The end of that. Your application is now done, and you will soon get an email confirming the submission of your application.

The processing of your application often takes a few days, but Shopee promises to respond to you within five working days.

How much can you earn from Shopee Affiliate

Now that your registration has been filed, let’s move on to the most crucial section of this guide: the estimated earnings you may expect as a Shopee Affiliate.

The answer to this issue actually depends on how many people see and click on your links. The number of individuals who utilise your links to purchase anything from Shopee will determine how much money you make as your profits will be commission-based.

The Shopee Affiliate Program offers commission rates that vary from 4.20 percent to 9.10 percent, according to Involve Asia.

According to the rules and regulations of the Shopee Affiliate Program, the minimum payment is RM50, thus you must accumulate RM50 in commissions before you can request a withdrawal.

Here is a straightforward illustration of the earnings potential of a Shopee affiliate link:

Item advertisedPriceCommission rateCommission earned
Sensor activated dustbinRM69.904.20%RM2.90

If not, you must continue spreading your affiliate links until you reach the required minimum income. This can entail conducting more marketing and self-promotion. If you follow the example in the table above, it will take 18 purchases from your link for you to reach the required sum to pay out. If you do reach that figure, congrats! Without putting in a lot of extra work, you were able to make some money.

Earning a five-figure income just through the Shopee Affiliate network is something that is doable for the biggest websites and social media influencers. However, average folks like us can view it as a supplement to our primary sources of income. It might take some time to meet those minimums, so don’t give up and keep trying.

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