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How do you ensure that your brand stands out in the midst of all the advertisement that the customers receive on a daily basis? The answer is drip marketing.

Drip marketing aids in keeping constant contact with current and possible future customers by giving them reminders of the product or services and inform them of special offers. Keep reading to understand more about drip marketing.

What is drip marketing?

It is a type of communication strategy where the business sends a constant flow of marketing materials to the customer. These reminder messages can come in various media form but the most common is done through email.

When drip marketing was still new, they use to use paper mail and flyers, but as marketing is slowly moving and adapting to the digital era, drip marketing through social media and email became popular.

How does drip marketing work?

The way drip marketing works changes according to which medium is used. There are three common mediums which are email, social media and direct mail.

Email Drip Marketing

Once the customer fills out an online form, that is when they will start receiving automated emails. These mails are sent because they are now in an autoresponder program.

What’s great is that the emails can be personalized. For example, “Hi, Jack! The item you were looking at is back in stock.”

Social Media Drip Marketing

Social media has increasingly become common in drip marketing. Social media accounts are routinely updated with texts, pictures, or videos related to a certain marketing initiative in this type of drip marketing.

For instance, a TV network’s social media page may promote the premiere of a specific show by sharing behind-the-scenes videos, images, or graphics to pique interest among viewers. 

Direct Mail Drip Marketing
 Drip marketing has traditionally used direct mail, which has undergone numerous advancements through the years in the form of software and digital printing.

Now, direct mail is more automated, tailored, and manageable thanks to these developments.

Regardless matter the method, the “Law of 29” is a common pattern in drip marketing. The majority of prospective customers, according to this unwritten marketing rule, won’t buy a product until they have seen an advertisement for it at least 29 times. The key to producing leads is continuing to build relationships with potential clients in order to remain at the top of their minds, even though number 29 could be a touch too specific.

Examples of Drip Marketing

These are a few examples as inspiration for your next campaign.

Disney+ Email Campaign

Disney+ sends out frequent email updates, including a weekly “What to watch this week” message, to users to keep them informed about the newest releases on the streaming service. Disney+ sends out an email to fans to remind them that the final episode of its newest Marvel series, “Ms. Marvel,” will broadcast that week. It also emphasizes the show’s backstage material.

A lot of companies and networks are trying their market in the streaming services world. Drip marketing works well for Disney+ as it aids the service to always be on top of the consumer minds as compared to its competitors.

Stranger Things Twitter Updates

The Stranger Things Twitter account frequently made posts to signal their viewers about upcoming episodes before the premiere of the second half of the Netflix series’ fourth season. Finally, the account released a clip of Eddie Munson, a fan favourite character, playing an epic guitar solo on the day of the premiere, along with the bolded phrase “Now Streaming.” The video went viral because it gathered a lot of attention, up to more than 30,000 retweets and 120,000 likes.

New York Times Email to win Back Customers

Drip marketing is also effective in reeling back old leads. Some customer might spend in a product or a service then they suddenly stop returning.

For example, I was subscribed to the New York Times. However, to manage my monthly fees, I cancelled my subscription. Although I have cancelled my subscription, I still receive updates from the newspaper. This also include a special subscription offer for just $1 per week. To let present customers know about the products and services your business provides, use drip marketing. Additionally, it encourages potential clients to buy from your company. Finally, by maintaining contact with former customers, you may be able to win them back. Now that you are well-versed in drip marketing and its uses, you are ready to create your next campaign.

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