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How Much Does Instagram Ad Cost in Malaysia 2022?

While Facebook and Instagram ads work using the same Ads Manager, the cost of each ad is different. With Facebook being around longer, having more data and more ad placement compared to its younger adoptive platform, we found that Instagram was often a bit more expensive than Facebook in some cases. However, don’t let that stop you from exploring this profitable and effective visual companion in the Facebook ecosystem. With less ad placements, increased competition for impression share, you may be paying a little more to use Instagram, but you may also be happy to see it much more instagram ad cost will be effective than the results you get with Facebook.

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Paid advertising on Instagram is an effective marketing technique that complements what firms can do in their Feeds, Stories, and Explore tabs. While Reels and IGTV don’t yet have ad placements, as the platform grows and the need for more impressions arises, we may see them included as placements. Instagram advertisements, like Facebook ads, offer superior targeting and versatility, making them suitable for almost any business. You may choose to promote on Instagram if this visual medium is popular among your target demographic.

How Instagram Advertising Works

Depending on your campaign objectives, Instagram ads can contain up to 18 call-to-action button options, link to your website, and allow people to download applications or shop online.

To promote on Instagram, you don’t even need an Instagram account. You just need a Facebook Business Page because Facebook is the parent firm. It is, nevertheless, preferable to have an Instagram account in order to become acquainted with the content that best suits your target audience and complements and boosts your organic Instagram marketing efforts.

To get started with Instagram Ads, go to Facebook Ads Manager and create campaigns, ad packs, ad placements, and optimisation options. Your ads will function similarly to Facebook Ads.

Advertising on social media has numerous advantages, and there are some additional advantages to paying for ad impressions on Instagram rather than running campaigns and promotions straight from your business account.

Extensive targeting

Instagram is the second most popular social media platform behind Facebook, with over 1 billion monthly users. The platform has a robust targeting data arsenal, and because Facebook owns Instagram, Instagram advertisements use the same detailed demographic and geographic data as Facebook ads. Because you can be incredibly specific while targeting a wide range of audiences, advanced targeting is what makes Facebook Ads so effective. Whether you use Facebook’s native audience based on hobbies, behaviour, or other demographics, or you use the Pixel or SDK to create your own custom audience, in your prospecting and marketing, you might achieve success by using email lists or other tools to target the relevant people. retargeting.

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A higher rate of engagement

Instagram is well-known for its high engagement rates, both organic and paid. Images shared on Instagram generate 23% higher engagement than those shared on Facebook. In terms of organic engagement, marketers on Instagram claim that about 4% of their followers are viewing their material, compared to Facebook’s almost non-existent organic reach. While better, it is still prudent to pay to play in order to increase your reach and visibility through sponsored advertising. While any type of visual material can perform well, marketers typically see 38 percent more engagement with video commercials. Images and videos, as visual platforms, are far more effective in driving interaction than other text-based social sites.

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Link to another website

Instagram currently does not enable clickable links in organic posts. You can include a link in your text or message, but recipients must copy and paste it into their browser or visit the URL in your Instagram bio to access it. You can incorporate external links in Instagram advertising, allowing you to define a destination URL to your website or another external URL. It is recommended that you utilise your own domain to better measure website traffic from your Instagram Ads because your Pixel should be deployed there, whereas it may not be on URLs of other websites that you do not own.

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Longer videos

Instagram Feed and Explore videos may be up to 60 seconds long, and while Stories are normally just 15 seconds long, you can have up to 2 minutes of video material if you run your ad across all three ad placements. This provides more opportunity to communicate your brand, as well as the characteristics and benefits of your offering, through your products and/or services.

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How much do Instagram advertisements cost?

Let’s examine Instagram ad cost per click, cost per engagement, and cost per thousand impressions.

Instagram cost per click (CPC)

Instagram’s cost-per-click in 2021 ranges from RM1.70 to RM3.00 across all parameters. It considers all ad clicks, including not only link clicks, but also likes/reactions, comments, and shares.

For ads that have a destination URL, Instagram’s cost per click in 2021 is between RM2.20-RM4.00.

Instagram cost per engagement (CPCt)

Instagram’s cost per engagement in 2021 ranges from RM0.50-RM2.20.

Instagram cost per thousand impressions (CPM)

Instagram’s cost per thousand impressions in 2021 ranges from RM11.50-RM15.00 for the better performing campaigns and their respective ad sets.

Instagram’s cost per click for ads with a destination URL in 2021 is between RM2.20 and RM4.00.

Instagram cost per engagement (CPCt) In 2021, Instagram’s cost per engagement will range between RM0.50-RM2.20.

Instagram cost per 1000 impressions (CPM)

In 2021, the cost per thousand impressions on Instagram varies from RM11.50-RM15.00 for the best-performing campaigns and ad packs.

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But don’t let it discourage you from looking into this profitable and excellent visual companion in the Facebook environment. You may pay a little more to use Instagram because there are fewer ad spaces and more rivalry for impression share, but you may also be pleased to discover that it is significantly more cost-effective than the results you get from Facebook.

Instagram advertising costs are affected by a number of things.

Instagram ad costs, like those of other platforms, are determined by a variety of factors.

The campaign’s objectives

Campaign objectives might automatically increase or decrease your advertising expenses depending on which one you choose and how it matches to where your target audience is in the funnel.

For example, a brand awareness campaign target will be less expensive than anything lower in the funnel with a greater value objective, such as conversions. Having a larger, cooler audience view your advertising to increase brand recognition is a lesser-value activity than targeting consumers in the lower channel—who are more familiar with your brand and offerings and are ready to open their wallets.

Size of the audience

Because there is less competition for a group of individuals when you target a larger audience, the expenses are usually lower. As you focus your audience, say by reducing their geo-targeting or age range, pricing may climb as competition for those eyeballs rises in tandem. Retargeting audiences are typically smaller as well, which is why retargeting efforts frequently have greater expenses.


Instagram advertising costs are also affected by budget, because if you have a little budget, it may take longer to exit the Learning Phase if your campaign or ad package is restarted. Costs may be greater at first as the system learns and understands your campaign type and optimization goals, as well as how your target audience interacts with your advertising.

Rate of click-through

If the CTR is low, we may observe greater charges because the algorithm suspects a mismatch between your target audience and what you request in your ad. You want your ad to get noticed by your intended audience, and CTR is a good measure of that. A healthy CTR of roughly 2% is preferred. Your charges will reduce if you have a healthy CTR.

How to Reduce the Costs of Instagram Advertising

To begin, maximise your budget by selecting a campaign target that corresponds to your funnel. If you’re looking for new customers and want to target a younger, larger demographic, try a less expensive campaign to expose your brand to an audience with awareness, interaction, or, even better, website traffic campaign to entice these individuals to abandon Instagram and visit the website & marked with a Pixel so you may retarget them if they don’t convert on the first click.

If you’re new to Instagram Ad cost, you can drive purchases from the first interaction and click, but more often than not, customers will need to connect with your business numerous times to create trust, possibly shop and compare, and then return to you via retargeting or other means. others to take out their wallets If you have a low-cost product that doesn’t require a lot of research, Instagram can be a great place to sell it.

Another option to save money on Instagram is to employ automatic placement at the ad set level and serve on both Facebook and Instagram. Because the system has more placement liquidity, it can utilise its algorithms to find the optimal spots to show your advertisements, providing them more alternatives on both platforms and more flexibility. As a result, competition across Instagram’s three current ad positions is reduced, cutting your prices.

You’ll also want to test different lines of ad copy and creatives – images and videos – on different audiences. Running tests allows you to learn what resonates with your audience and can assist raise your engagement rate and CTR, lowering your costs and expanding your budget even further.

Let us reduce the cost of Instagram advertising for you

It’s not all about adspend but the more creative and relevant your visual or video is, the more mileage you get for the same budget. Let us work together with you to create memorable digital experiences for your customers so your brand is stronger and stay in their mind longer.

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