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How To Be A Successful Lazada Seller in 2022?

What is Lazada?

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Here’s some facts you need to know in order to be a successful Lazada seller. Being one of the most leading eCommerce websites in Southeast Asia, Lazada is beyond a marketplace. It also encourages foreign sellers including Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore and Thailand to sell in the same platform.

When Lazada first launched, their business strategy was solely centred on selling goods to customers through their warehouses. However, in 2013, it became possible for third-party retailers to offer their goods on Lazada.

This took a turn for Lazada. When more third-party sellers involve, 65% sales actually came from them. And in 2016, Alibaba took over Lazada and expanded its sales to global. Hence from here, Lazada becomes a leading online shopping place in Southeast Asia.

How many countries is Lazada available in?

image 32 Lazada Seller

It involves many Asian countries, include:

  1. Singapore (
  2. Malaysia (
  3. Indonesia (
  4. Thailand (
  5. Vietnam (
  6. The Philippines (

Sellers are based in Southeast Asia and region outside of it. Lazada also accepts sellers from China, Hong Kong, United States and the European countries. Using only one account, you are eligible to sell on all Lazada platforms.

Why do you choose to sell on Lazada?

Lazada is an excellent option for business owners who wish to reach the Asian market because it has a lot of advantages.

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Commissions are low

Being a lazada seller does not require a large investment. On Lazada, there are no commission costs, thus registering as a seller is entirely free. Furthermore, there are no hidden charges. The commission rate varies between 1% and 4%.

Have a huge customer base

image 33 Lazada Seller

Lazada, Asia’s leading online marketplaces, recorded that from September to December 2020, it has 39,407,700 visitors! Lazada offers a large customer base that you might be interested to become an online Lazada seller. And from here, it is easy to generate traffic due to its existing large audience on the site.

Simple User Interface for Lazada Seller

image 34 Lazada Seller

Lazada’s features are simple to use, so you can pick up easily and learn how to sell on the platform. You can also maximize functions of Alibaba’s technologies in order to handle from your products to the moment your customers receive their orders.

Designed for Smartphone Users

image 35 Lazada Seller

A lot of consumers in Southeast Asia research products and buy using their smartphones. Lazada is designed for smartphone users where customers can download the app for free from Apple or Play stores. Hence, selling on Lazada might be a wise option for sellers.

Who can be Lazada seller?

image 36 Lazada Seller
  1. A person who possesses an email address and contact number to set up a business account or,
  2. A person who possesses a license for business or,
  3. A person who has experience in selling in other platforms, include Shopee, or more or,
  4. A person who possesses a Payoneer card that has been registered as a brand.

If a person reaches such criteria, you are more than ready to be one of the Lazada seller!

Tutorial guide: How to begin selling in the favourite’s platform, Lazada?

1. Set up an account

  • Open the official website, Lazada in your respective country. After that, put your cursor on the middle top and click the Sell button.
61d687eae9963caeef64e054 Lazada Homepage Lazada Seller
  • Then it will direct you to three choices: Lazmall seller, a local seller or a Lazmall global seller.
61d6889b2f7b883de58c7c80 Choosing Between Local Seller Lazmall Seller Global Lazmall Seller Lazada Lazada Seller

As listed, the benefits differ for sellers. If you insist to sell only to locals, you can be a local seller whereas, if you have brand of your own, you can be a Lazmall seller. In contrast, if you wish to reach international customers, do not hesitate to choose LazGlobal seller.

  • Choose which lazada seller suit you the best and click on the Signup button as shown on the picture below.
  • If you are a Lazmall seller, be sure to insert the name of your brand, contacts and verification code. Documents required also needed to be uploaded.
61d688c64ed87e20df99ee02 Signup page Lazmall Seller Lazada Seller

The documents required as a Lazmall seller are:

Certificate on SSM

  • The newest bank account statement of your company
  • The trademark cert/ no/ letter of authorization from exclusive distributor
  • Your own logo in different sizes; square, long and banner in a square size that can be viewed in both phone and desktop that serve as material for marketing
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However, it might be a different case for sellers who are new as the signing process is simpler. Once documents have been uploaded and form is submitted, Lazada will verify your application that may take up to three days.

Once your account for Lazmall have been verified, you can begin designing your storefront and sell.

61d689264a6b8780d33e1048 Registration Guide for New Sellers on Lazada Lazada Seller

If you’re already a Lazada seller and planning as Lazmall seller, you’ll have a process that is different.

  • Go to the Lazada seller center.
  • Go to Profile>Brands.
  • Confirm to see if you qualify to sell as Lazmall.
  • Submit the Lazmall application if you qualify for conversions.
  • It requires 72 hours for them to assess your application and notify you of their decision.

As listed, the registration process is somehow similar for all sellers. Eventually, you need to insert name of your brand/business/name that you registered for your company and after that, verify your email address and contact number.

Then, submit require documents for example, license of your business, cert of your brand, statement of your bank account and more.

  • Registration of the next step include filling in Billing address and Business info.
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After you have submitted the form, an email will be sent to you. Then, activate your seller account through the link given in the email. Lazada will train you as an online seller once the process of registration is complete.

2. Getting training at Lazada University

The university in Lazada provides training classes that are free to assist you learning the basics of selling. It covers a wide range of topics, including the fundamentals, Lazada marketing, and Lazada shop growth.

You may manage your business account on the site and increase sales with the resources Lazada University provides. If you have questions, it will also be answered and posted on the new seller dashboard, which includes a completely new training modules to help you.

61d68977f1dcde9508ae6a16 Lazada University Homepage Lazada Seller

3. Include your products in the listing

Obviously, the next thing you should do is begin adding products to your Lazada store. You have the option of adding the products one by one or in bulk. Uploading the products one at a time makes sense if your company/ brand is small.

However, if your company is big, uploading in bulk will be a better alternative. Using the Lazada seller centre or app in the mobile, you can add goods to your Lazada seller profile.

Upload: Using Lazada app

1. Download the app from the Google Playstore or Apple store.

2. Head to the account and sign in.

61d68d33ff1ea26dd7cc2349 Logging in on Lazada Lazada Seller

3. In the app’s lazada Seller Center, tap Upload product in order to add a new product listing.

4. You can upload up to 8 product photos.

61d68d54ff1ea22f8ecc2733 Uploading Product Images on Lazada Lazada Seller

5. Add photographs, videos, product names, descriptions, categories, and brand names to the product. Then, press Submit.

61d68d6251f478185984d59a Filling in product details on Lazada Lazada Seller

Using the Lazada mobile app to upload new products is a convenient way to build your business. You can also post product videos through the Lazada app to help your business develop even faster.

Upload: Using Seller Centre (Lazada desktop version)

Upload photo one by one

1. Go to the seller centre on Lazada.

2. Sign in.

3. Select Products> Add Products from the seller centre dashboard.

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4. Tap Upload product

5. Fill in basic product information such as product name, description, category, photos, price, quantity in stock, SKU information, and so on.

Lazada Seller

6. Submit when you’re done entering the details.

Upload photo in a bulk

1. Go to the seller centre and sign in.

2. Select Products

3. Click Add/Edit Products in Bulk.

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4. To produce templates, choose the relevant product category.

5. To obtain the template for your product category, click Download templates.

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6. Complete the template as needed and save it.

7. Select Upload File.

8. Choose the downloaded template/excel file that you completed. Then, Submit.

Increase Sales in Lazada Marketplace but How?

Although your products are listed on Lazada but there are still more to work on. There is a need to explore effective techniques that serves your business better on the platform.

Leverage the search engine for Lazada

The cornerstone of your business is traffic. You may increase traffic and sales by optimizing the search engine for Lazada.

The steps include:

  • Enhance the titles and descriptions of your products.
  • In the product information, include high-resolution photos and videos.
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  • Prioritize free delivery.
  • Use keywords that buyers use in product searches.
  • Make your products affordable. Maintaining profit margins while keeping prices competitive is the priority.
  • To gain prospective buyers’ trust, have positive customer reviews—one of the greatest ways to do so is to provide excellent customer service.
  • To avoid your product sliding out of search results and losing the push you had previously, make sure you always have adequate products in stock.
  • If you want to be a successful seller, you need to handle your orders properly. If manually handling orders is too much for you, you may always employ an order management tool/software to help.

Generate traffic to the listing of your products and also your selling website is definitely significant to have more viewers to browse and purchase from you.

Make use of Lazada’s promotional tools.

Lazada, like many other eCommerce stores, provides its sellers with a variety of promotional opportunities. Lazada sellers maximize these resources to boost their sales and provide a better user experience.

Head to Seller Center that provides materials for you.

  • Lazada University is a great place to learn how to expand your business on the marketplace.
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  • Register for Lazada’s discounts. Once authorized, the products of your store will be listed in the promotional area, thus increasing visibility and conversion rates.

Sellers are offered a variety of promotional methods to expand their business. If you’re a seller seeking to increase your sales, the suggestions listed earlier are the best way that can help you. However, ensure that your products are of the best quality in order to reach your customers quickly.

FAQs about Lazada

1. What are the costs included to sell on Lazada?

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To begin selling on Lazada, sellers do not need to pay any registration or monthly payments. Lazada charges a 2% payment fee as well as a 1% to 4% commission on cross-border order value. In comparison to other eCommerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, the rates in Lazada are considered modest.

2. What to sell on Lazada?

You may make a lot of money selling baby supplies, women’s clothes, electronics, and other items to Southeast Asian countries.

Ensure you’re stick to your niche products. For instance, focus on selling stylish apparel if your products are about fashion and don’t get into selling electronics out of nowhere.

3. What delivery choices do Lazada sellers have?

2 methods to deliver your goods:

  • Lazada Global Shipping
  • Delivery handle by the seller

4. How does Global Shipping works?

You can choose between Hong Kong fulfilment and ASEAN fulfilment for Lazada’s global shipping. Hong Kong fulfilment has warehouses in Hong Kong, Mainland China, and Korea.

Instead of shipping directly to an ASEAN customer, you now send your goods to Lazada’s sorting centre in Hong Kong. Lazada handles the rest from there, including shipping, refunds, and order administration.

5. How does delivery handle by the seller works?

You can use a local courier to deliver the orders. You can print the shipping label immediately from your Lazada account after receiving an order. Before handing over the package to Lazada, attach this shipping label. This is a great alternative for sellers that have fewer items.

All in all, Lazada is Southeast Asia’s oldest and most well-known online e-commerce marketplace. Anyone preparing to join the Southeast Asian market should check out Lazada.

Wait no more and let’s begin selling in Lazada.

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