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How to Outline Your Instagram Marketing Strategy in 2022

Does your Instagram marketing strategy give you the mileage you need? If your answer is no and you are doing online business, then it is time to do some review to your step-by-step Instagram marketing strategy.

Because to say that Instagram is booming would be a big understatement.

The good news is… Given the platform’s evolution and growth, now is an excellent opportunity to reconsider your Instagram marketing strategy. We’ve chosen eleven actionable Instagram marketing suggestions below for brands primarily interested in increasing revenue through social media.

1. Stick to a Product-Focused Content Calendar

First thing first, what is the actual thing that we have to post?

Product-related posts are among the most popular sorts of content on Instagram, as stated in our guide to social commerce.

Although firms should avoid spamming their followers, they should also not be afraid to show off their items.

It’s all about presentation, as cliche as it may sound. Simply providing flat, lifeless product photographs will not get you very far.

Instead, think about how you might promote what you’re selling in fashionable settings. IKEA, for example, displays their wares in a sort of physical retail window.

instagram marketing

Aside from photographs, videos should unquestionably be a component of your Instagram marketing strategy plan. Anything from mini-commercials to loop-able, Boomerang-style flicks that are eye-catching and amusing is fair game.

Swatch, for example, publishes playful and engaging content to market their products.

2. Make Your Creativity & Voice Count

Because of the “gold rush” mindset of gaining sales on Instagram, firms frequently face crowded competition.

To cut through the clutter, you must utilise your imagination. Brands that are able to carve out a niche or trademark are frequently the ones with a large number of followers.

2 1 Instagram Marketing Strategy

And the more followers you have, the more opportunities to sell. There is no “correct” or “exact” method to make an impression on your followers, but here are a few possibilities.

Color is a subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) way to grab someone’s attention on Instagram. You can cycle through different color schemes periodically, making for an aesthetically pleasing feed that keeps followers guessing.

Another popular tactic for making an impression on Instagram is humor. People will generally appreciate hilarious content as a type of “break” from standard sales messages, whether it’s a meme or a clever caption.

3. Couple Your Posts With the Right Hashtags

Hashtags and Instagram go hand in hand. However, brands that try to spam them don’t fully understand their function.

hashtagg Instagram Marketing Strategy

Hashtags not only allow new followers to find your material, but they also inspire others to share posts about your company. A brand-specific hashtag, for example, is a must-have for ecommerce firms.

Although all these tags are admittedly niche, they highlight an extremely specific audience that’s willing to engage with brands. Exploring these kind of hashtags is a wise strategy for brands looking to narrow down who they should target and sell to.

Pro Tip: Instagram has over one billion users. Instagram marketing strategy suggest you to connect with smaller communities is much more actionable than trying to dominate massive tags (#sewing or #haircare, for example).

4. Curate & Promote User-Generated Content

This is a big one.

Once again, your customer pictures are a real deal when it comes to attracting attention. Because, who doesn’t want their pictures posted on their favourite product/company’s Instagram account? This is one of the ways to create user-generated content.

When the customers can relate their feelings to the post, this will be an effective way to market your products or services to the general audience on Instagram.

Curate Promote User Generated Content Instagram Marketing Strategy

It is possible, if time-consuming, to find these photos “by hand.” Digging through hashtag mentions and asking for permission for each and every piece of UGC isn’t exactly efficient, especially if you have followers who often upload customer images.

5. Sell With Instagram Stories

Stories are currently the most popular sort of content on Instagram.

Sell With Instagram Stories Instagram Marketing Strategy

Instagram story is not a new thing both for customers and companies. And the story can be another effective way to attract attention because it offers a lot of freedom and a creative way of promoting products.

Want to post an off-the-cuff selfie? A polished product photos with a specific call-to-action? Stories allow you to do both, all the while putting your brand front-and-center in your followers’ Instagram feeds.

Keep in mind that there are constantly new features and stickers being added to Stories. It’s smart to stay up to date with these new features so you can be fresh with your client base.

6. Create Instagram-Specific Landing Pages

The thing that has to be taken into our mind is Instagram only allows accounts to put one link in the bio to take customers to your website.

Don’t let this real estate go to waste. Therefore, don’t just put a general homepage link in your Instagram bio.

Doing so limits your ability to assess the behavior or your social traffic or the ROI of your Instagram marketing strategy. Oh, and make sure your destination sites are optimised for Instagram’s primarily mobile user base.

Create Instagram Specific Landing Pages Instagram Marketing Strategy

This is why many brands advertise Instagram-specific landing pages or, at a minimum, mobile-optimized landing pages. The advantage here is twofold: you create a seamless buying experience for visitors and have the ability to track how successfully your Instagram followers convert.

7. Instagram Ads can help you promote your most popular products.

When you’ve mastered your organic Instagram marketing strategy, paid ads shouldn’t be far behind.

Nov1 Instagram Ads for Beginners Feature lv 1 Instagram Marketing Strategy

The Instagram ad platform is worth learning about and using for businesses since it could boost your account’s popularity and ease you to target a specific audience.

8. Foster Relationships with Influencers

Instagram influencer strategy is gaining popularity for a reason. It is a more authentic kind of paid promotion.

Working with influencers allows brands to put a human face to their brand while also introducing themselves to totally new audiences. Check out even big brands like Skechers rely on influencer relationships to promote their products.

To engage with customers, brands are collaborating with influencers of all shapes and sizes. To streamline and scale your ability to foster influencer relationships, consider how the Shopee hires various Influencer for their campaigns.

Foster Relationships with Influencers Instagram Marketing Strategy

Malaysia has a lot of buyers and influencers that could assist you in doing your product marketing campaign. And the good thing is, not only they will increase boost product awareness across your social media especially Instagram, but they will also generate more engagements and views to your product pages.

9. Rethink Your Posting Frequency

It is critical for brands to post on a regular basis in order to optimise your potential sales via Instagram.

9 1 Instagram Marketing Strategy

This implies publishing at least once a day, rather than using Instagram as a supplementary platform. Furthermore, keeping in the good graces of the Instagram algorithm necessitates publishing when your audience is most engaged.

While engagement rates vary depending on your company’s location and industry, these Sprout Social statistics can offer you a basic notion of the “optimal” times to publish content.

10. Promote Your Instagram Anywhere & Everywhere

Instead of hiding and making your Instagram profile private just like most of sellers do to their account, you should promote it and make it loud and clear.

10 1 Instagram Marketing Strategy

Assume you already have a significant Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest following. Cross-posting your content and customising it for other networks is completely acceptable.

Your brand’s website can also be used to promote your Instagram account by including social buttons, hashtags, and customer look-books. ThinkGeek’s Instagram showcase is an excellent example that emphasises the necessity of curating user-generated material.

And, if you have a physical location, don’t forget to promote your Instagram to clients in person.

11. Listen to Your Customers

This may appear to be self-evident, yet it’s worth stating.

Listen To Your Customer Instagram Marketing Strategy

As your Instagram profile grows, you’ll notice that more and more customers are reaching out to you with queries and suggestions.

That, by the way, is a good thing.

Instagram marketing strategy , for example, can be utilised as a customer service channel to answer your followers’ inquiries and assist them decide on a specific purchase.

As a result, Instagram is another channel for gathering feedback and learning what your customers want from your brand. These useful insights might help you improve your items and fine-tune your whole Instagram marketing strategy.

On the other hand, you can use your consumers’ preferred features and product information on Instagram. One of our features was created specifically for this purpose.

 Product Pulse analyses your review material to provide brands and retailers with a glimpse of the most prevalent terms, adjectives, and sentiment at the product level.

What Does Your Instagram Marketing Strategy Look Like?

For businesses, selling on Instagram is perhaps easier than ever. Assuming you are familiar with the platform’s landscape. These Instagram marketing strategy should have given you some insight and much-needed inspiration into what it takes to use Instagram to promote revenue. Following these steps, you will develop an Instagram marketing strategy for acquiring new clients while also showing appreciation to those you already have.

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