How to Properly Make Your Instagram Reels Sizes

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This article contains all the information required to structure your Instagram Reels correctly. You just need this guide sheet for Instagram Reel sizes and specifications.

You can discover all the information you need to create stunning Instagram Reels below which includes specifications, ratios, formatting advice, and more.

Why do they matter?

It only makes sense to make your Instagram Reel seem as excellent as you can if you’re going to spend the time on it. You run the danger of having unfavourable results if you submit pictures or movies that don’t have the proper size or proportions. It could expand and deform if it’s the wrong shape. Far too big? You could have an odd crop. You run the danger of having pixelated and unsightly content when you blow up low-res material to fit the screen.

Here’s another compelling argument for being concerned with Instagram Reel sizes: High-quality images are frequently preferred in videos by the Instagram Reels algorithm. Therefore, the best chance of having your work seen by as many people as possible is to choose the proper Instagram Reels sizes when editing and uploading your movie.

Instagram Reel Sizes 2022

Instagram Reel cover size: 1080 px x 1920 px

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Aspect ratio: 9:16

Recommended upload size: 1080 px x 1920 px.

Few things in this world are under our control. Fortunately, one of them is the cover image of your Instagram Reel. How to choose your Instagram Reel cover is as follows:

1) Click “next” to create an Instagram Reel.

2) At the Share settings page. The preview picture (the one that reads “cover”) should be tapped.

3) You may either press “add from camera roll” to search your photo album or upload a clip from your movie.

4) Want to resize the picture? On the Share settings page, select “crop profile image” and move the cursor or change the zoom level.

Instagram Reel thumbnail size: 1080 px x 1080 px

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Aspect ratio: 1:1

Display size: 1080 px x 1080 px

Recommended upload size: 1080 px x 1920 px

Once you’ve selected the perfect image for your Instagram Reels cover, you can crop down to a grid-worthy thumbnail for your main feed. The thumbnail that displays in your feed will be cropped to a 1:1 square even if the cover has a 9:16 aspect ratio. So, for best results, choose an image that’s 1080 px x 1920 px, but that has a 1080 pixel x 1080 pixel area that will be suitable to crop down to.

Reel size on Instagram: 1080 px x 1920 px

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Aspect ratio in full-screen mode: 9:16

Aspect ratio in Instagram feed: 4:5

Recommended upload size: 1080 px x 1920 px

The aspect ratio of your Instagram Reel changes depending on where the viewer is watching it, so keep that in mind whether you’re shooting or editing. It has a 9:16 aspect ratio when watched in full-screen, but if they happen to see your video in their newsfeed, it will be cropped to a 4:5 aspect ratio. This indicates that around a third of the frame has been removed.

Make sure the most crucial parts of your movie are contained in the middle of the screen and that nothing crucial is hiding out on the borders where it can be lost if you want every viewer to have an amazing experience.

Another strong reason to avoid placing significant material on the screen’s corners is that when the Reel is seen in full-screen, the caption and comments are displayed at its bottom. Another hot tip would be that if it’s useful to know for branded material, reels are the same size as Instagram Stories. or by making use of these awesome free Instagram Stories design themes.

Instagram Reels compression size

Anything wider than 1080 px will be scaled down to 1080 px by Instagram. Contrarily, photos and videos must be at least 320 px wide; if you submit something less, it will be automatically upsized to 320 px.

Any image that is between 320 and 1080 px wide and has an aspect ratio between 1.91:1 and 4:5 will maintain its original resolution. In order to suit the supported ratio, other ratios will be automatically cropped.

Instagram Reels size in px: 1080 px x 1920 px

Videos and images should be 1080 px wide and 1920 px height since Instagram Reels are viewed vertically (an aspect ratio 9:16).

Instagram Reels size ratio: 9:16

The frame has a 9:16 ratio when seen in full-screen mode on Instagram Reels. That being stated, the video is reduced to a 4:5 aspect ratio if someone is seeing your Reel in their main feed. Since it is just two-thirds of the size of a full-screen viewing experience, be careful to keep crucial graphics and text from the frame’s corners.

Instagram Reel frame size: 1080 px x 1920 px

Want to prevent stretching or cropping by making sure your Instagram Reel is properly proportioned? Upload pictures and photographs with a resolution of 1920 by 1080.

Be aware that Instagram will crop your Reel down to a 4:5 ratio so that viewers seeing your Reels in their newsfeeds will see a different frame size. Another crucial detail is that your caption and comments appear towards the bottom of a Reel, so it’s best to avoid placing any crucial visual information there.

Instagram Reels length: Up to 60 seconds

Reels on Instagram may now last up to 60 seconds. Either a single lengthy movie that plays continuously, or a collection of snippets and pictures that together total 60 seconds. However, shorter films typically have better interaction, so try to keep it that way if you can!

Instagram Reels caption length: 2,200 characters

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To explain your Instagram Reel, you can add a caption up to 2,200 characters long (emojis and spaces included). Reserving a few of those characters for your Instagram Reels hashtags is important!

You get access to all the Instagram Reels metrics you need to ensure the greatest possible visual quality of your material. Your videos will quickly rise to the top of the Explore page if you follow these best practises, which Instagram itself has suggested! Here is a recap to jog your memory, do save it for reference!

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