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Lazada Seller Centre: The Complete Guide To Manage Your Shop and Products on Lazada 2022


It’s really simple to open a shop and begin selling on Lazada selling centre. You are required with just a copy of your identification and a business cert. It’s worth noting that the startup fees are significantly lower than, say, eCommerce websites in China.

The moment you involve yourself in selling on Lazada, you are in charge of handling your products in the “Seller Center.” This is indeed the challenging part, especially for beginners.

Before you begin, it’s critical for you to learn how to maximize your Seller Center in order to avoid confusion that could give an impact; products being removed from the marketplace, higher returns, and negative customer feedback.

In this article, explanation on the Lazada Seller Center will be elaborated and steps on how to leverage it to handle everything including product uploads, customer returns, pricing and more.

Main contents:

  • What exactly is “ Lazada Seller Center”?
  • What details are there in the Lazada Seller Centre?
  • Guide: In Lazada Seller Centre, how to upload products?
  • Guide: In Lazada Seller Centre, how do I manage orders?
  • Guide: In Lazada Seller Centre, how can I adjust the pricing of a product?
  • Return Product Management in Lazada Seller Centre

What exactly is “Lazada Seller Centre”?

What exactly is Seller Center in Lazada Lazada Seller Centre

It is a dashboard that allows a seller to add new products, monitor pricing of products, orders, delivery, and customer returns.

Before you can access your Seller Center, you must first register as a Lazada seller and complete all necessary documents.

Although the Seller Center is quite simple to browse, it may be better to have some assistance in the beginning to save time and avoid errors.

As mentioned previously, Lazada is simple to use, particularly in comparison to other Chinese marketplaces such as Tmall Global. In that app, sellers frequently need to recruit Tmall Partners to operate their stores on a constant basis.

You certainly have no idea what goes on behind the scenes. For Lazada, this is not only it.

This is because you’re not depending on a third party, selling cross-border on Lazada can entail far more effort.

Nonetheless, you can avoid Tmall Partners’ hefty monthly setup and operating costs, which typically run into the tens of thousands of dollars. Furthermore, you will not be bound to the Tmall Partner, which gives you more freedom.

What details are there in the Seller Centre?

The Seller Center includes handling and monitoring product and order. From there, you can also locate more infos that will keep you informed, assist you to boost sales, enhance customer experience, and decrease returns.

The infos include:

a) Promotions and offers

Lazada will notify you of any coming specials or other product promotion. You’ll be able to participate in a number of extra deals if you use Lazada’s Global Shipping Solution (LGS), which I highly suggest.

b) Significant statistics

In Seller Center, it enables you immediate access to sales, customer returns, and others in relates to statistics and data.

c) Updates and releases

You’ll be able to check out regular updates and information on ASEAN eCommerce marketplaces, logistics provider schedules, forthcoming activities, and more.

d) Rate cards for shipping

By using the solution of Lazada Global Shipping, you’ll gain immediate access to view the shipping costs for each ASEAN country.

What is the procedure for gaining access to the Lazada Seller Centre?

Once you’ve become a legitimate seller on Lazada, you may sign into your Seller Center.

Guide: In Lazada Seller Centre, how to upload products?

yangmatou Lazada Seller Centre

Head to Lazada Seller Centre, click ‘Products,’ and then ‘Add products.’ Now, you can upload a single item or a collection of items. The second approach may be preferred if you’re dealing with a large number of SKUs.

Details about product should be included:

  • Quantities
  • Price
  • Colours
  • Promotional dates + discounted pricing
  • Package weights and dimensions

In relates to uploading images, it is recommended to upload at least one image that serves high resolution, clear and taken from several perspectives. However, Lazada suggests uploading more from 2-8 images and it will be better if videos are added as it will definitely help in boosting sales even more.

Additional image ideas involve:

  • Image ratio of 1 x 1
  • With over 80% of the canvas of the longest axis is covered by the item.
  • White backgrounds are used in the photographs.
  • The item is photographed by a professional (preferably in a studio)
  • The entire product will be displayed on the canvas.
  • There are no reflections of people or other things in the product.
  • The product is dust-free and devoid of fingerprints.
  • Using at least 850 × 850 pixels
  • A front view display or a 30 degree angle view of the product
  • A close-up of the product surface / material is presented.
  • There is no watermark, text, logo, or graphics on this image.

Guide: In Lazada Seller Centre, how do I manage orders?

how do I manage orders Lazada Seller Centre

If you receive a new order, Lazada will drop you an email. New orders can also be viewed straight in the Lazada Seller Centre dashboard.

It’s advisable to check Lazada Seller Centre one time in the morning, afternoon, and in the evening or at least once every 2 hours.

To locate new coming orders, head to Lazada Seller Centre and do the following:

  • Tap “Orders,” “Manage Orders,” and “Pending Orders.”
  • Handle your orders dated from the earliest to the latest.
  • Within 24 hours of receipt, handle your orders.

In 24 hours after taking an order, you must manage the guides written below:

  • Generate a sale invoice.
  • Print the shipping label.
  • Pack product using Lazada’s packaging guidelines
  • Make sure that the shipping label is securely printed
  • Change the status of the Seller Center to “Ready to Ship.”
  • Patiently arrange for your logistics company to collect the products from the warehouse as stated in the Seller Centre.

If you have your products in bulk, you can keep in Lazada’s warehouse that is located in Hong Kong. Everything from the above steps will be managed by Timeslogistics at there.

Kobron, a subsidiary of Lazada Global Shipping (LGS), will manage shipping to your ASEAN consumers. Ninjavan will be the one handling the last-mile deliveries across the globe.

Guide: In Lazada Seller Centre, how can I adjust the pricing of a product?

First and foremost, if you realize that the pricing is incorrect, you should deactivate your product in Lazada Seller Centre.

The steps are described:

  • Set SKU to “Inactive” status.
  • Add the correct price.
  • Inform HKPSC of the change.
  • Set the stock to “0” and reactivate the SKU.
  • In the Seller Center, check your status.
  • Sell your SKUs with the new right pricing.

When it comes to adjusting prices on Lazada, you have two alternatives. You can either update the prices individually or in bulk. The first approach is simpler, but the second is preferable if you have lots of SKUs to manage.

How to mass update prices?

If you want to update prices in bulk, follow the procedures below:

  • Under the “Product” tab, select “Import products.”
  • Download the “Price Update” file.
  • Modify the file’s information and save it in CSV format.
  • Change the Import Mode to “Update products” and upload the.csv files

It could be confusing doing this on your own, so do watch the Lazada’s guide on YouTube that will offer you a more detailed explanation.

Return Product Management in Lazada Seller Centre

HK fulfillment Lazada Seller Centre

You must first register with Timeslogistics’ return system before you can begin managing returns. Just click the link sent to you and complete the registration form.

Then, fill in the information below to allow Lazada seller centre return your items to you:

  • Return shipping address
  • Company name and address/ person that can be reached

Once you’ve completed the procedures above, you will be able to handle return products from customer. These returned purchases are tracked in Lazada Seller Centre under the “My Return Order” button.

The codes for returned orders will be CR (Customer Return) or FD (Failed Delivery).

Bear in mind that Lazada’s customer returns go through a rerouting process. Briefly said, the products will be held in a local cross-border enterprise for up to four weeks before being returned to Lazada’s Hong Kong sortation centre.

If the products are returned to the sortation facility, you must pick them up within 15 days upon their arrival.

What is the procedure for picking up returned items?

Even for cross-border sellers, processing returns on Lazada is simple. When picking up returned products from Lazada’s sortation facility in Hong Kong, the procedure is as follows:

  • Head to Times Logistics Return System > Seller Center > My Self-Pick Booking.
  • 24 hours before going to the sortation centre, select the “Book for Self Pick” button. You should send an email to the Lazada contact individuals in charge of returns.
  • Within 15 business days, go to the sortation centre and collect your product.

Also, do bear in mind Lazada has the right to dispose your product without any notification. Hence, it is important to handle returns properly.

What to understand about the OVL (order volume limit)?

The order volume limit is a daily limit on the number of orders you can receive. Your products will no longer be visible on the buyer site after you surpass the limit.

If in case you have a large number of pending orders, high cancellation rate, a low ship-on-time (SOT), or are not responsive to Lazada or customers, you may be subject to the OVL.

The answers to the various concerns are listed below.

1. Phase out OVL because of a large number of pending orders

  • Confirm that you possess enough products in stock, organize orders, and improve your packaging. This will enhance your fulfilment performance.

2. Phase out OVL because of high cancellation rate

  • To get rid of OVL, make sure your prices are accurate and possess products in stock. As a result, your fulfilment performance will increase, and cancellations will decrease.

3. Sellers who are inattentive to Lazada/customers

  • Engage with Lazada/customers more often and make every effort to fix any current problems. This may aid in the removal of the OVL.

If you have any concerns, we recommend contacting Lazada first to see what the best options for you will be.

What does “ship-on-time” mean?

Ship-on-time (SOT) is a metric that shows how well sellers adhere to agreed-upon delivery deadlines.

The following formula is used to determine the ship-on-time:

(Items shipped during a service-level agreement period) / (Items Order – Buyer Cancelled Order) = SOT

To eliminate errors, it’s critical to meet the SOT standards. Everything from your search visibility, ranking, flash-sale eligibility, campaign eligibility, and more is affected by the SOT.

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