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Lazada Seller Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 2022


You have a few concerns that are preventing you to begin your journey as lazada seller? Worry no more as a lot of sellers have been pointing out the same questions regarding selling on Lazada and more!

Take a look at the following questions that are divided into the following sections:

Question 1: How to apply as a seller in Lazada?

Question 2: What are the fees and charges to sell in Lazada?

Question 3: What are the products I can and cannot sell in Lazada?

Question 4: What features are there in the Lazada app?

Question 1: How to apply as a Lazada seller

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1. Once I applied as a Lazada seller, how long will it take to approve my application?

After you submit your application, it will take within 48 hours for your application to be reviewed. You are also required to send related business documents verification and a product of yours should be uploaded.

When finished reviewing, a SMS or email notification will be sent to you either they approve or reject your application as a Lazada seller.

2. What documentation must I prepare before be a Lazada seller?

Before you can start selling, you’ll need a few documents, however, it depends whether you’re a Business/Corporate Seller or an Individual Seller.

Apply as a business account, you’ll need the following items:

  • Seller’s Identification (NRIC)
  • Cert of Business Registration (SSM)
  • List of Direction (SSM)
  • Statement of Bank Accounts
  • An active commercial licence
  • SST Letter Business seller: e.g CARLO RINO

Apply as an individual account, you’ll need the following items:

  • Over age of 18
  • Seller’s Identification (NRIC)
  • Cert of Business Registration (SSM)
  • Directors’ List (SSM)
  • Account statements
  • SST Letter (if applicable) Individual seller: e.g BANFANG

3. What Kinds of Lazada Sellers Can You Find on Lazada?

There are 3 types of sellers in Lazada that one can choose when they register as a seller.

  1. LazMall Seller
  2. Local Seller
  3. LazGlobal Seller
a) LazMall Seller

A brand owner or an authorized distributor. They enjoy the following benefits:

  • Unique entry to LazMall Campaigns
  • More Seller Tools in Lazada
  • Have higher search rankings
  • Commission will be paid only after a sale
b) Local Seller

Must be a Malaysian seller. They enjoy the following benefits:

  • No Commission Rate
  • Seller Tools
c) LazGlobal Seller

A seller who registered business either in China, Japan or Korea using Lazada. They enjoy the following benefits:

  • Accessibility to offshore sorting centres
  • Seller Tools Paying
  • Commission will be paid only after a sale

While Local and LazGlobal information are clear, there are more regarding LazMall seller.

4. What do you understand about LazMall seller on Lazada?

The LazMall is a marketplace where purchasers may obtain a large selection of branded items from international, local brand and authorised distributors.

Lazada supports LazMall sellers hence, there are numerous advantages to being one.

The advantages include:

  • Unique “Golden Slots” access
  • Premium marketing solutions access
  • Across the consumer journey, the LazMall logo is displayed on all of your products.
  • On Lazada, you’ll enjoy more visibility on the homepage and have a higher search ranking.

Question 2: What are the fees and charges to be a Lazada seller?

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5. What charges are there to sell on Lazada?

Although registration is completely free in general, there are three charges on Lazada that will impact your bottom line.

The three costs of selling on Lazada’s platform are as follows:

  • Commission fee
  • Payment fee
  • Shipping fee

How to calculate Commission fee?

Commission = (product commission rate, i.e. 5%) x (your quoted price minus promotional charge coupons) + 6% commission service tax

When an order is delivered and the client pays, the commission is subtracted.

For example:

Commission Fee = 5% (listed price: RM500 – promotional discount: RM20) + 6%(commission) = RM14 + RM0.84 = RM14.84

How to calculate Shipping fee?

Shipping fee is dependent on the weight that can be charged.

Please double-check the parcel weight and dimensions and make any necessary changes. This guarantees that the correct shipping fee is charged to both you and your clients.

3 types of delivery service that will be considered in calculating the shipping fee. The three types include:

  • Express Delivery
  • Standard Delivery
  • Economy Delivery
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Will the SST be deducted from the shipping costs?

The answer is Yes, SST will be added in the shipping rates at a rate of 6%.

How to calculate Payment fee?

Payment fee = 2 % (item price – promotional charge value – promotional charge bundle/flexi combination + customer-paid shipping fee) + [(6% service tax) * payment fee]

For example:

2% [(Item Price: RM100) – (Promotional Charge: RM10) – (Bundle/Combo: RM2) + (Shipping Fee: RM4)] + 6% SST * Payment Fee

= 2%(RM92) + 6%*2%(RM92)

= RM1.84 + RM0.11

= RM1.95

When will the Lazada sellers be compensated?

Lazada will pay its sellers every Monday starting in the year of 2020.

Question 3: What are the products I can and cannot sell in Lazada?

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6. Why isn’t my approved product visible on Lazada?

Once a product is approved, usually it takes 24 to 48 hours for it to sync to the website.

If the situation prolongs:

  • In the Seller Center, examine the FAQ status, or
  • Go to Partner Support Center and ask for assistance

7. How do exclusive products work on Lazada?

Specific brands or market segments can be offered through Lazada with legal approval if you have the proper license or exclusive partnerships.

If you are unable to obtain the license or agreement, you must deactivate your product. To discuss the problem, you may contact your local supplier management.

8. Will there be any limitations on Fresh Food Category?

As a seller, if you’re a seeking to list your items in the ‘Fruits & Vegetables’ and/or ‘Fresh Meat & Seafood’ (Groceries) subcategories, you are deemed to attend the whitelisting process. This is highly emphasized among sellers to ensure they are able to provide only fresh foods and also positive customer experiences. If you want to be on the whitelist, you must meet the following requirements:

a) Be SOF, seller own fleet

The logistics of perishable items is not supported by the traditional third-party logistics (3PL). Hence, you will be required to apply for a Seller Own Fleet.

Find out how to apply: link

b) Distribution and delivery in Klang Valley only (or involving a specific region/state)

Orders should be from a defined region (such as the one mentioned above), rather than the entire peninsular or internationally. This is to maintain the freshness of foods.

Both Lazada and the seller will be able to send fresh foods to customers if you insist and keen with this policy.

9. How to execute Lazada’s Product Content Best Practices?

Be sure to pursue the brief guideline below to attract more potential customers and pass Lazada’s quality check!

  • Required to include a brand name especially for branded products.
  • Do inform buyer if a warranty is included.
  • Utilize bullet points for clearer highlights of your products.
  • Use precise brand/product name(s), pleasant colours and provide a free gift if possible.
  • Make sure to have a 360-degree view(s)
  • Emphasize the dimensions of your product.
  • Use clear photo. A min of three and a max of eight.

Question 4: What features are there in the Lazada app?

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10. How does Lazada Video Uploader works?

Have you tried using Lazada’s Video Uploader? It is accessible in Seller Centre, that will save your time and make your daily activities easier.

With Lazada Video Uploader, you can now easily post your own videos to Lazada’s Media Centre without having to link it through different websites.

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How do you find this post useful? We literally went over ten typical questions regarding selling on Lazada and separating them in four sections.

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