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List of top Affiliate Marketing Platforms in Malaysia 2020

A few decades ago, businesses spent thousands of dollars annually on print, radio, or television commercials in the hopes that their brand would grow. Despite being promised success, it was very challenging to stand out and earn money through advertising. However, that was then. Consequently, anyone with an internet connection can earn money by assisting firms in growing and selling online by relying on the best affiliate marketing platforms in Malaysia. What does affiliate marketing actually mean?

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing platforms is what you need if you’re looking for the most lucrative method of making money online. One of the first forms of digital marketing is affiliate marketing, in which you recommend any online product to someone and get paid when they purchase it as a result of your recommendation. Amazon is the largest affiliate marketing network there, much like in the US.

Affiliate marketing functions in this way. Affiliates and businesses will collaborate in a partnership of income sharing between brand and marketer as part of a performance-based marketing plan.

How Much can You Make on Affiliate Marketing Platforms in Malaysia?

Your monthly income from Malaysian affiliate marketing platforms should range from RM1,000 to RM50,000. That stated, the platform you choose to contact individuals and the manner in which your messages are delivered to them have an impact on how much money you make as an affiliate marketer. Additionally, the affiliate programme that you join will contribute to your profits.

You may view affiliate marketing platforms Malaysia as a side business where you work to earn some extra cash, or you may view it as a full-time position. Everything depends on how adept you are at marketing to your target demographic. In conclusion, it is encouraged that you utilise all of your skills and potential to influence and profit in Malaysia.

What Benefits do You Get by Being an Affiliate Marketer?

Affiliate Marketing Platforms

1) Easily earn money with commissions

The finest part of being an affiliate marketer is being able to relax while earning commissions. Depending on your performance, your commission will increase the more reach you attracted. As a result, those who have a large following might take advantage of this chance to succeed in Malaysian affiliate marketing platforms. For that reason, it is the ideal career.

2) Flexible Working Hours

Who doesn’t enjoy being able to work at their own pace without having to stick to a strict schedule? You can make use of a flexible work schedule as an affiliate marketer, but most importantly, you get to work from home! Affiliate marketing Malaysia won’t use a lot of your time, even if you are working many jobs or lead a very busy life in general. Post a link to a product along with an enticing marketing presentation, and watch the magic happen.

3) Opportunity to Utilise Digital Assets

The time has come for you to start earning money through your social connections if you have already made the decision to pursue your endeavours on personal blogs, websites, or media platforms. If you have a sizable following, you receive an additional reward.

4) Win-Win Situation

Despite popular belief, affiliate marketing platforms will also help your followers. They are likely to read first-hand reviews of the goods and services you are associated with, and they will be in a position to choose them with relative knowledge.

5) Broaden Your Horizons

Affiliate marketing platforms in Malaysia will eventually develop into a tool that will polish your marketing abilities. You will learn about SEO best practises, marketing hints and techniques, developing landing pages and websites, media buying, and much more. In the end, you get to advance your marketing abilities and professional growth. It is a job that aids in your personal development.

6) Convenient & Hassle-Free

Affiliate marketing platforms is now more accessible than ever before because of the abundance of affiliate programmes out there. Aside from that, the majority of websites that connect affiliate marketers with businesses have incredibly welcoming and safe user interfaces.

7) Eliminate Unnecessary Expenses

If you work as an affiliate marketer full-time, you can save money by not having to pay for transportation costs, which you would incur if you had to drive to and from work. How convenient—instead of spending additional money eating out, you prepare your own meals at home in between tasks!

10 Best Affiliate Marketing Platforms in Malaysia to Get Started in 2022

You must be wondering which affiliate programmes you can use that are accessible in Malaysia now that you are aware of how affiliate marketing functions. Which is the superior choice? In order to respond to your inquiry, we have put together a list of the top 12 affiliate marketing schemes in Malaysia.

1. Lazada


Lazada, which is the largest online marketplace in Malaysia, is a location where you can easily find a variety of goods that are sold there and earn a commission. It provides a quick, safe, and practical online buying experience.

Lazada affiliate program overview

Electronics, baby, health, beauty, household, vehicle, home furnishings, home appliances, animal food, and other products are available.

Commission: 6-12% for every sale


  • A sizable marketplace well-known among Malaysians and people from other Asian countries
  • Variety of goods available
  • Desirable commission


  • Considering how many vendors choose to use this affiliate marketing platforms programme, there is fierce competition.

2. Shopee


Shopee functions similarly to Lazada and provides the same services to customers and sellers that are engaged in the online retail industry. Although Lazada may be the largest online marketplace, Shopee has been growing significantly over the past few years and is still climbing. If they surpass their rivals, it won’t come as a shock.

Shopee affiliate marketing platforms program overview

Products available include electronics, baby supplies, health and cosmetic products, as well as items for the home, car, office, and more.

Commission: 2.1%-7% for every sale, depending on the product


  • A sizable marketplace well-known among Malaysians and people from other Asian countries
  • Variety of goods available
  • Numerous discounts and promotions


  • Shopee only offers its affiliate programme through affiliate networks.
  • Common commission

3. Zalora


Zalora is Malaysia’s largest online fashion shop, unlike Lazada and Shopee. It keeps growing and has started carrying at least 50,000 items, including apparel, accessories, shoes, purses, dresses, watches, and more from both domestic and foreign companies.

Zalora affiliate program overview

Products offered: Fashion products from multiple brands

Commission: 6% for brand-new clients, 4% for repeat business


  • The largest Malaysian online fashion market
  • A wide assortment of stylish brands and products at affordable prices
  • Provides a campaign calendar for updates on promotions.


  • Due to its popularity, customers may prefer to place direct orders through Zalora.

4. Alibaba

YouTube video

In 1999, the Alibaba affiliate marketing platfroms programme was introduced. It developed into the biggest global trade platform and a provider of internet marketing services for importers and exporters worldwide. On their platform, they serve over 360 million different products.

Alibaba affiliate program overview

Consumer electronics, equipment, clothing, home & garden, autos & motorbikes, beauty care, health & medical, real estate, and other items are available.

Commission: 6% for new customers, 4% for returning customers


  • Greatest global commerce market in the world
  • Serving millions of products
  • Cheaper goods


  • There are millions of online users, businesses, and retailers, thus there is a lot of competition.
  • Unbranded names
  • Protracted shipment times

5. EasyStore

easy store

The best web developer in Malaysia is EasyStore. They have amassed more than 40,000 customers by themselves. EasyStore can be the answer if you’re looking for a way to promote web development on your website.

Alibaba affiliate program overview

Products offered: Dealing with e-Commerce businesses. The deal covers additional things like theme design and app development.

Commission: 20% for each sale


  • The commission rate is high
  • One of the largest web developers in Malaysia 
  • Provides assistance with your affiliate website.


  • Due of its narrow specialisation, this affiliate programme might not be all that interesting to the public.

6. Airbnb


Airbnb is an online marketplace where hosts can book or offer lodging and travel experiences to visitors. The company acts as a broker, taking commissions on each reservation; it does not have any real estate listings or hold events.

Airbnb affiliate program overview

Offerings include Airbnb listings. (For each reservation made by your client, you will receive a commission.)

Commission: up to USD20, depending on the performance


  • Reputable community marketplace, recognised worldwide
  • Low conversion
  • Comprehensive programme


  • Integrated referral programme
  • The stipulation that there must be at least 1 million visitors
  • In recent years, public relations have become disorganised.

7. WineTalk

wine talk

In Malaysia, a website called WineTalk offers imported wines from all around the globe. They also offer a team of wine specialists that can recommend the wine that would suit a customer’s demands the best. This is appropriate for companies who provide food and beverages.

WineTalk affiliate program overview

Products Provided: Red wine and non-alcoholic wines are among the many varieties of wine. Providing professional guidance from wine experts on the best meal options and food pairings.

Commission: 8.4% for every sale


  • The best wine affiliate marketing platforms programme in Malaysia
  • High commission on each bottle of wine sold
  • Services for deliveries


  • Must use an affiliate network to sign up for an affiliate programme.

8. Uniqlo


A well-known lifestyle clothing company called Uniqlo offers high-quality items that are appropriate for daily use. Our Japanese principles of simplicity, quality, and durability are the foundation of LifeWear. Many people around the world, including Malaysians, have this brand of clothing recognised as their favourite.

Uniqlo affiliate program overview

Product Offered: Top selling & featured brand/products owned by Uniqlo.

Commission: 5%


  • The best affiliate marketing platforms programme for clothing and gear
  • Well-known global brand


  • The typical commission rates

9. Under Armour

under armour

Anyone interested in sporting apparel must be aware of the brand Under Armour. They represent one of the largest sportswear brands in the world. Due to its high-quality sportswear and popularity, Under Armour’s affiliate programme is one of the best in Malaysia.

Under Armour affiliate program overview

Products available include high-quality bags, jerseys, shoes, and other activewear for daily use and activities.

Commission: Varies according to the product


  • Among the best-known sportswear manufacturers in the world
  • They have a 14-day cookie tracker in their programme.
  • All transactions are hosted here; all you need to do is promote them.


  • You will immediately compete with their website for sales due to the prominence of their website.

10. Photobook Malaysia


The most popular platform in Malaysia for users to develop original photo book concepts is called Photobook. Customers can choose the size, how many copies of each image to print, and other options. In addition to photo books, DIY print options are also available for canvases, mugs, and clocks.

Photobook affiliate program overview

Products offered: DIY Printing, Photo Books, Canvas

Commission: 15%


  • Well-liked in Malaysia
  • The commission rate is high


  • It only concentrates on one market, the DIY printing industry.
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