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List of top SME companies in Malaysia 2020

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Listed in Main Market

  • Wong Engineering Corporation Bhd
  • The founding of Wong Engineering occurred in October 1982. Since then, the business has expanded to become Malaysia’s top producer of high precision component components. Wong Engineering, which is based in Northern Malaysia’s High Technology Park in Penang, has immediate access to a pool of highly qualified professional skills across a variety of industry areas, including electrical and electronic, semiconductor, and biotechnology. This has made it possible for Wong Engineering to provide its customers with a differentiation strategy in manufacturing needs.
  • Takaso Resources Bhd
  • Since 1978, Takaso Rubber Products Sdn Bhd has been a leader in the production of condoms and infant care items in Malaysia. More than 30 nations, mostly in the Middle East, Africa, South America, China, and South-East Asia, are recipients of our exports.
  • Malaysian AE Models Holdings Bhd
  • Investment holding firm AE Models Holdings Berhad is based in Malaysia. The business creates, produces, instals, and sells conveyor and material handling systems. Automation equipment, motors, conveyer and transmission belts, sensor equipment, as well as software wiring and programming, are all traded by Malaysian AE Models.
  • HeiTech Padu Sdn Bhd
  • HeiTech has been at the forefront of technical progress in Malaysia for the past 25 years, contributing to it and providing it to our clients and customers as a component of our solutions.
  • Supermax Glove Manufacturer Bhd
  • Leading global maker, distributor, and marketer of premium medical gloves is SUPERMAX Corporation Berhad, a world-class latex glove conglomerate listed on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad. Currently, Supermax exports its products to more than 160 nations throughout the world, including those in Asia, the South Pacific, the Middle East, and Europe. As a producer of own-brand products, Supermax has created a number of well-known brands, including Supermax, Aurelia, and Maxter, that are respected and known by laboratories, hospitals, pharmacies, physicians, and surgeons all over the world.
  • SKB Shutters Manufacturing Bhd
  • Since its founding, SKB Shutters has developed steadily, going from a tiny family manufacturing company to Malaysia’s top supplier and manufacturer of roller shutters and steel doors. SKB Shutters is ideally positioned to take on the difficulties of a growingly global market where survival depends on having the foresight, flexibility, and mastery to deal with change.
  • Since 1997, SKB Shutters, a company founded in 1957 with manufacturing competence, has sold its goods to every country in the world. Here, cutting edge computer aided technology and equipment provide the highest level of production precision, and the use of the finest materials ensures the most dependable and long-lasting products.
  • Top Glove Corporation Bhd
  • Since its founding in Malaysia in 1991, Top Glove Corporation Bhd has expanded from a single facility with a single glove manufacturing line to become the largest glove producer in the world. With operations in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, China, the USA, Germany, and Brazil, we supply gloves to safeguard lives in every corner of the world, accounting for 26% of the global market for rubber gloves. Over 2,000 clients in 195 different nations are recipients of our exports.
  • Xian Leng Trading Bhd
  • Kumpulan Powernet Bhd
  • KPower Berhad (“KPower” or the “Company”) focuses primarily on utilities and renewable energy projects.
  • Construction-related operations and specialised engineering services are part of KPower’s sustainable energy and utilities business, which is distributed over several projects in Nepal and the ASEAN area. Engineering, procurement, construction, and commissioning of renewable energy and utility projects make up the Company’s part of construction-related operations.
  • Engtex Group Bhd
  • In 1983, Engtex Sdn Bhd was founded in Malaysia, marking the beginning of ENGTEX GROUP BERHAD. The business had a humble beginning as a hardware retail store on Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur. The business has advanced greatly in tandem with Malaysia’s rapid expansion to become a diversified, multi-million dollar integrated sales and distribution base with its own warehouses and distribution centers. Companies within the Group support the extensive distribution network since they were established particularly to serve a certain market or geographic region. With a track record of successful supply chain management, Engtex is well-positioned to become Malaysia’s top one-stop shop for pipes, valves, and fittings.
  • London Biscuits Bhd
  • Wafers, candy confectionery, various cake confectionery, and assorted snack confectionery are all produced by London Biscuits Bhd. The company operates in the Manufacturing and Trading, Others, and Eliminations areas. The company’s Manufacturing and Trading section brings in the most money. Its product line is divided into four different categories: Cake Confectionery, Candy Confectionery, Potato Chips, and Snack Confectionery, which includes extruded corn snacks, jellies, and puddings. Cake Confectionery includes roll, layer, and pie cakes. Candy Confectionery includes chewy, deposited, tablet, and hard candies.
  • Caely Holdings Bhd
  • When CAELY first began, it sold women’s intimate items through small-scale direct sales. With its own plant and facility in Teluk Intan, Perak, it is currently registered as a publicly traded business on the Malaysian Stock Exchange.
  • KNM Group Bhd
  • A well-known firm in the world is KNM. It is a well-diversified international corporation with primary activities in project organisation, engineering, manufacturing, and construction for the petrochemical, renewable energy, power, and utility sectors.
  • The KNM Group, a Malaysian company, has been an active trader on Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad since August 2003. The group has over 175 years of business expertise, operates in 8 countries, and provides a wide variety of goods and services under the well-known trademarks KNM, BORSIG, and FBM Hudson.
  • Ornapaper Bhd
  • One of Malaysia’s biggest producers and suppliers of corrugated cardboard and carton, meeting the nation’s contemporary manufacturing sector’s demands for packaging.
  • The firm started off as a corrugated box producer after being incorporated on July 24, 1990, with modest beginnings in rented space. In October 1996, a new high-technology manufacturing and research facility became operational, riding the economic wave of the early 1990s and a sustained investment programme.
  • Furniweb Industrial Products Bhd
  • Production of coated elastic yarn and furniture webbing by Furniweb Group began in Malaysia in 1987. Since that time, the Group has grown internationally and developed new markets for its specialised goods in the textile and clothing, furniture, automotive, food packaging, agricultural, and medical sectors.
  • A committed research and development staff has helped the Group offer innovative, high-quality goods that suit the demanding needs of its customers all over the world.
  • The Group takes great pleasure in its history of success in product innovation, unwavering quality, and unmatched customer service, as seen by the ongoing support from a devoted client base amassed over the years.
  • Pentamaster Engineering (M) Bhd
  • Pentamaster, a Malaysian investment holding company that is traded on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad, is a pioneer in offering cutting-edge, top-notch manufacturing automation solutions and services to assist clients globally in overcoming productivity challenges and preserving the competitive edge necessary for success in the ever-increasingly challenging business environment.
  • Boon Koon Group Bhd
  • This company’s vision is to be the one that best knows the things it sells and satisfies the wants and demands of our clients.
  • Mission: To create goods that meet the real demands and specifications of the end consumers.
  • Kein Hing International Bhd
  • KHI primarily provides parts and metal components to a variety of industries, including those in the automotive, electrical & electronics, home appliance, TV, and audio-visual equipment sectors.
  • By manufacturing and selling consumer goods, specifically gas appliances, under its own brand name of “ZENNE” in 2006, KHI took a stride ahead. Since that time, Zenne has been synonymous with eco-friendly gas appliance items and eco-technology.
  • Goodway Integrated Industries Bhd
  • Since its foundation, GIIB Rubber has supplied remarkable goods and services to more than 60 nations. We create, produce, and sell rubber products as well as products connected to rubber, such as tyre retreading services and technical, retread, and tyre compounds. Additionally, we provide our clients with advisory services in compound formulation, mixing, and retreading. Since our company’s inception in 1990, GIIB has seen tremendous growth.
  • Pelangi Publishing Group Berhad
  • Pelangi Publishing Group Bhd’s corporate ethics and brand values are closely aligned with the company’s tagline, “Quality Books for Quality Education.” The company’s dedication to assisting in the shaping of a better future for everyone via education has successfully culminated in the public view of it as a publisher that people can trust for high quality educational materials.
  • Currently, Pelangi’s novels are distributed through more than 2000 booksellers spread across Malaysia’s 13 states. The firm offers books internationally in 20 different nations.

Another 2020 list of Malaysia’s top SME businesses

  • Emas Kiara Industries Bhd
  • Kawan Food Bhd
  • Guan Chong Bhd
  • Eonmetall Group Bhd
  • Cocoaland Holdings Bhd
  • Jadi Imaging Holdings Bhd
  • Imaspro Corporation Bhd
  • MMC Corporation Berhad
  • Pantech Group Holdings Berhad
  • LKT Industrial Berhad
  • Hartalega Holdings Berhad
  • Muar Ban Lee Group Berhad
  • Plenitude Berhad
  • QL Resources Berhad
  • Masterskill Education Group Berhad
  • Ivory Properties Group Berhad
  • Cypark Resources Berhad
  • Datasonic Technologies Sdn Bhd
  • Pestech International Sdn Bhd

Listed in ACE Market

  1. Fast Track Solution Holdings Bhd
  2. REDtone International Bhd
  3. Vitrox Corporation Bhd
  4. Techfast Holdings Bhd
  5. SMR Technologies Bhd
  6. K-One Technology Bhd
  7. Sanichi Technology Berhad
  8. YGL Convergence Berhad
  9. Focus Dynamics Technologies Berhad
  10. JF Technology Berhad
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