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Time is valuable in business and the sooner we rank your business to the top, the better. Our USP is this and only this – this SEO agency works on the keywords that have the highest search volume and the most profitable ones (intent-based) for you.

We don’t shy away from difficult keywords, because those are the keywords that are good for your business. We believe that a site should optimise for the best keywords first, and then the effort to be continued from there, until there are no more keywords left that can provide meaningful ROI.

We have generated up to 150,000 monthly traffic for a site before and it is still going strong. And rank difficult keywords to #1 in just a short time. We can confidently say that our SEO solutions work for our clients.

The best part is all that we do are measurable and all progress are easily tracked with monthly reports and insightful data to help you keep track of our SEO journey together.

Our SEO process is fully search engine compliant and are developed to produce long-lasting, reliable  results.

higher traffic

To say traffic is important is an understatement. A strong stream of organic traffic drives visits, clicks and ultimately revenue. Without organic traffic, you will need to keep spending on ads to get this visibility.

We have cracked the code when it comes to increasing traffic to websites. Not only that, we focus on getting qualified traffic that’s 4x more likely to convert.

higher relevance

They say leads are better than clicks. But there is something much better than leads!

Highly relevant and qualified traffic, giving you ready-to-buy leads.

Yes. We target narrowly to ensure content relevancy runs high. Very high. The result? You stand a better chance to get a sale from each visit!

higher conversions

Even if someone visits your site with the intention to buy, it will be a waste if the site is not optimised for a smooth purchase journey.

We write convincing copy and strategically-placed information to build trust towards your brand as well as the desire to try your product. This maximises the possibility of a sale or lead.

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Simply THE best SEO Agency in Malaysia

This is one case we HAVE to use superlatives.

See for yourself OUR OWN site results below. Nothing to hide. Only good results.

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SEO Agency Fundamentals we swear by

the best team

We are home to the best and brightest professionals in the SEO industry. They have both the brilliance and the dedication to make you win.

Our people are those who take pride in their work and passionate about real results.

proven formula

Content + Analysis + Tools = SEO success. This formula is our true north, the of all our SEO services. It’s the foundation of everything we do as your marketing partner. We are resolute in producing remarkable results for you, whatever your SEO objectives or industry.


85% of people will read this on a mobile device. Coupled with Google’s Mobile-First Index, it is important to build your site for the mobile devices first.

google compliant

Our ethical and white hat SEO growth methods will ensure your site enter and stay in Google’s good books.

We treasure long-term growth and will build you a digital asset that will deliver ROI for years to come.


Getting people to visit your site is one thing, getting them to convert is another.  SEO work continues to generate conversion and improve on user experience.

Our lead generation expertise has consistently resulted in more RFPs, more calls and more sales for our clients.

quality content

Developing SEO friendly content is the foundation of a strong organic search strategy. Our content writers are some of the industry’s best.

We don’t sacrifice readability just to optimise the keywords. Our content are both human and Googlebots friendly 🙂

Our people are accountable to take care of your website

Done diligently and ethically, SEO can dramatically increase the number of visitors to your website and
transform your bottom line. However, badly done SEO can damage your website and traffic.

That’s why you need people who not just know what they should do, but to actually do it.

Higher SEO standards and ROI.

Impressions. Clicks. Traffic. All are important metrics, but an unscrupulous SEO agency could manipulate them. Our Google-accredited team and data-driven methodology consistently outperforms the industry benchmark and focus on the metric that matters- your bottom line.

It’s all in the analytics.

We stay away from black hat SEO and hidden tactics. You will have real-time access to your SEO campaigns and its progress. Monitor to see how your are performing, whilst tracking against performance forecast.

What we do as your SEO agency

SEO, and much more than that.

resolute lead generation seo SEO agency

Lead-generation SEO

We believe websites should generate business growth, besides being an information hub for your customers, or adding credibility. Hence, we consciously keep lead-generation as a main focus when we work.

resolute ecommerce seo SEO agency

eCommerce SEO

Our in-depth approach to eCommerce SEO ensures that your products are discoverable by the right audience. Along with that, we help with CRO to make the most of the traffic.

resolute multilingual seo SEO agency

Multilingual SEO

Multilingual SEO is our strength, as we are cognisant of the multi-faceted population we have in Malaysia. We also optimise your website structure to best rank all the content, despite them being multilingual.

resolute enterprise seo SEO agency

Enterprise SEO

Enterprises need complex SEO plans. A larger site calls for a more and robust SEO game plan, plus aggressive SEO strategies that tackle the unique competition that has thousands of pages.

resolute international seo SEO agency

International SEO

Taking your business to the global arena? We are the experts to bring you traffic from all around the world. Sell your products to every continent and watch your website rank in your target countries.

resolute local seo SEO agency

Local SEO

We also specialise in local SEO, bringing not just digital, but actual traffic to you. No matter what your business is, or location. We help you go local and be famous in the neighbourhood.

resolute seo audit SEO agency

SEO Audit

Our team runs a comprehensive website audit and SEO assessment to analyze your performance and determine where your site stands. We analyze everything from the content infrastructure to the link profile.

resolute keyword analysis SEO agency

Keyword Analysis

We create a brand new keyword profile based on audience interests and your competitors’ websites. This helps us improve your online visibility for the most popular industry-specific search terms.

resolute on page seo SEO agency

On-page SEO

We don’t just create optimised content for your brand. We also upload and put it in your site, be it pages, articles, blogs, guest blogs, press releases, web copy, etc.

resolute video seo SEO agency

Video SEO

SEO works really well for Youtube too. If you have a solid video content strategy in place, let us optimise them for you in Youtube so they can maximise their viewing potential.

resolute copywriting translation SEO agency

Copywriting & Translations

Writing for websites require good copywriting skills that not just provide information but convincing your visitors why they should try your products or services. Along with that, we also provide localisations and translations whenever needed.

resolute off page seo link building SEO agency

Off-page SEO: Link Building

High-DA backlinks are the backbone of brilliant rankings. We review your backlinks to determine the best way to improve your link building profile.

resolute web development SEO agency

Web Development

We build impactful websites that navigate easily so your customer’s user journey is well-defined.

No matter what the device, we optimise your site to be the best it can be, with the best SEO practises.

resolute technical seo SEO agency

Technical SEO

SEO-Friendly Site Architecture can help your website’s performance on Google. We’ll also make sure that your pages are crawlable and healthy in Google’s eyes. If pages on your site are not accessible to search engines, they won’t appear or rank in search results, no matter how valuable your content is.

resolute web speed optimization SEO agency

Web Speed Optimisation

Page speed is a ranking factor both on mobile and desktop. We make sure your site loads as fast as possible, so visitors can see what you have to offer without any delay. This improves usability and subsequently, rankings too.

resolute site migration SEO agency

Site Migration

Transitioning from one domain or hosting to another is a big move. Leave it to us to avoid negatively impacting your search rankings. From permalinks to redirections, we know what it takes to protect your current traffic and make it ready for more.

resolute conversion rate optimization SEO agency


You could have 500 web pages and great traffic, but do they convert? We audit your website and maximize your website’s conversion rate.

Let us implement all the best practises to build trust of your visitors as well as the confidence to make a purchase.

resolute landing page SEO agency

Landing Page

Landing pages are great to build a funnel for leads.

We also create beautiful and effective landing pages too, like this one. Then we work SEO magic on it to get it ranked.

resolute digital pr SEO agency

Digital PR

There are hundreds of publishers that will publish your business story. We know how to get the word out, and generate buzz that will bring more branded traffic to your website. This will strengthen your site authority in no time.

resolute performance tracking report SEO agency

Performance Tracking & Report

Sustainable and high ROI is at the heart of everything we do. We glean data from the site at regular intervals that will help to improve SEO decisions, and also inform you of the progress we are making.

resolute reputation management SEO agency

Reputation Management

Reputation goes far and wide. We’ll help you setup all the things you need to gain reviews, ratings, social proofs and more!

We only serve 1 Client per industry for SEO

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Delighting customers and exceeding expectations
Read what our clients have to say about us

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We were always pleasantly surprised in our collaboration with Resolute. They have time and again shown us how willing they are to perform in every aspect - creativity, service and results. They’ve shown us what above and beyond truly means.

Risa Tsuji
Marketing Manager Yakult

The FB Live that this amazing team did for us went well, and garnered hundreds of comments. The entire show was exciting and engaging, from start to finish. After this, we are looking forward to working with you all again in the future.

Paripoorani Subramaniam
Marketing Manager Diabegard

Reliable and responsive, plus they take the time to understand our brand and offers remarkable insights in planning our strategy. I appreciate having these deep thinkers as my marketing partner.

Oliver M.,

We use cutting-edge SEO technology

This SEO agency performs like a data-driven machine

We have the best SEO minds, but even the best can’t compete with technology when it comes to crunching the data that makes SEO success inevitable. This is why we’ve invested in the best artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning MI), complex algorithms, predictive data analysis and process automation technology. Our tools are some of the best in the industry and we spare no expense to give you only the best.

Real results. See it to believe it!

We’re both good and fast in taking you to the top, and helping you stay there.

results screenshot 1 SEO agency
results screenshot 2 SEO agency
results screenshot 3 SEO agency

Get to know your competitors strategy

We have the best SEO minds, but even the best can’t compete with technology when it comes to crunching the data that makes SEO success inevitable. This is why we’ve invested in the best artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning MI), complex algorithms, predictive data analysis and process automation technology. Our tools are some of the best in the industry and we spare no expense to give you only the best.

Are your competitors dominating your industry? We perform a deep SEO competitor analysis to understand how they got the top. This helps us refine our strategy and yield more powerful results that help you overtake your competitors.

Performance-Based Guaranteed SEO Results

You don’t pay until you see results!

Nothing in life in guaranteed. However, it is only right that you are assured of results from your the agency that provides you with SEO services.

No SEO agency should promise you guaranteed results – because they can’t. We cannot either. No one can say for certain they can control what Google does. However, we believe that you should only pay when an agency perform. At Resolute, we practise a fair approach when it comes to agency remuneration.

All our monthly payment will be collected when we hit the pre-determined set of KPIs, so you only pay once we reach the intended SEO results.

There’s absolutely no risk on your part. We are absolutely confident that we can skyrocket your traffic and beat your competition in the market.

We only serve 1 Client per industry for SEO.
It’s a zero sum game. Let us help you win.

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Dedicated Project Manager

Every client is assigned a dedicated project manager to ensure their project is executed seamlessly and gives prompt attention to both the project and the client.

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    This is why you need an SEO agency


    of marketing experts agree that SEO yields better results than PPC.


    of clicks go to top 5 search results


    of in-store shoppers used their phones to research items while they were in-store


    marketers agree SEO drives more traffic than social media


    of internet users ignore paid ads.


    of marketers say that SEO is their highest quality source of leads

    We only serve 1 Client per industry for SEO

    Call us for a chat and learn more about we can put you on the first page of Google!

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