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Shopee Seller Centre: The Complete Guide to Managing Your Shop and Products on Shopee 2022


Malaysia’s no.1 e-commerce site, Shopee Malaysia garners 21.26 million visitors monthly which is a large volume as compared to other sites. Shopee Seller Centre is also a leading platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan. Here’s your chance to be Shopee seller!

Hence, we can conclude that it is indeed the best place for online selling ranges from different categories including fashion, beauty, home living and more.

In this article, it elaborates more on Shopee’s Seller Centre so stay tuned for more.

How does Shopee Seller Centre work?

shopeee Shopee Seller Centre

The Shopee Seller Centre is a platform that was designed to provide sellers to do product listings, customize their page for business and more.

Moreover, you can use it to generate promotions and campaigns for advertisements. From here, you may draw potential buyers to your items and business.

Besides, in the platform, you can also use to arrange your sales and data. You may check your business performance on the go using specific features and functionalities.

The features of Seller Center in Shopee

The dashboard is the first thing you’ll discover when you sign into your Shopee Seller Centre. An overview of your important KPIs, including the To-Do List, Marketing Center, Business Insights, Penalty and Performance will be displayed in the dashboard.

Sidebar in Shopee Seller Centre

Sidebar Shopee Seller Centre

The sidebar is one of the most useful and significant features in the Shopee Seller Centre. Let’s begin discovering starting with Order menu.

Orders in Shopee Seller Centre

image Shopee Seller Centre

This is Shopee seller Centre, the place where you’ll discover all of the orders you received through your online store.

You can check which orders require your concern by clicking the To Process tab. Items that have already been shipped can also be found under the Processed tab.

The status of your orders will also be listed here. The following are the various product fulfilment statuses:

  • Cancellation
  • Return/Refund
  • To Ship
  • Shipping
  • Completed

You can save your data to keep a record of your orders offline. The calendar function allows you to view orders that were created at specific times.

Shopee Seller Centre: Orders for shipping


image 1 Shopee Seller Centre

Here’s the page in Shopee seller Centre. If you want to send your products out for delivery, head to this page. There is option for shipment orders individually or in bulk.

Shopee Seller Centre: Refunds/Return

image 2 Shopee Seller Centre

You come to this page when you need to conduct a return or refund order. You’ll be able to see the status of the product returns as well as the amount you need to reimburse to the buyer.

My Products, Add New Product, and Products that are Suspended are all found under the Product menu.

Shopee Seller Centre: My Products

image 3 Shopee Seller Centre

You’ll visit here if you need a quick overview of all your products listed in Shopee. You may see all of your products that have been published, as well as those that have already sold out, been suspended, or have been removed.

The moment you select Add New Product in the sidebar, you’ll be taken to a product listing page where you can fill out the details for the item you wish to sell on your online store.

This option is also available on the My Products page.

Shopee Seller Centre: Products that are Suspended

image 4 Shopee Seller Centre

In here, you will discover products that the Shopee team has tagged as having faults. If some of your product listings do not comply with Shopee’s terms and conditions, they will be temporarily blocked until you correct the problem. The Shopee staff will check the product listing again after you’ve made changes before it goes public.

You’ll only find My Ads and another button for Marketing Centre under the Marketing Centre menu, but when you select the latter, you’ll see that there are other marketing alternatives available to you, including:

  • My Ads
  • Campaigns
  • Best Picks
  • Promotional Shipping Fees
  • Promotional Discounts
  • Add-On Offer
  • Bundle Offer
  • Vouchers
  • Follow for Prize

You can monitor your store sales as well as withdraw funds from your bank account using the Finance tab.

Shopee Seller Centre: My Income

image 7 Shopee Seller Centre

This section is password-protected since it contains the sales from your online store. To access this tab, you will be prompted to enter your account password.

Only after the product has been delivered directly to the customer’s address, you may withdraw your cash.

A To Release and Released tab can be found on the My Income page. You can deposit the funds into your bank account. In the meantime, you must wait for delivery confirmation before touching any money that have not yet been issued.

Shopee Seller Centre: My Balance

image 9 Shopee Seller Centre

You’ll be asked to generate a pin for your wallet when you get to this step. Your phone will receive a code that will serve as your pin. Simply double-check the pin and you’re set to go.

This is where you should head to if you wish to withdraw your money.

You must link the bank account to which you wish to transfer funds. Then select Add Bank Account.

In the relevant places, type the name you used in your bank account as well as the account number. Then, from the drop-down option, choose your bank name. Save the file.

You can also look through all of your recent transactions in My Balance. Filter them by order revenue, order refunds, withdrawals, adjustments, ad credit auto-top-up as well as wallet payments. You can also download your transaction history for record-keeping purposes. To look up specific dates, utilize the calendar feature.

Shopee Seller Centre: Bank Accounts

image 10 Shopee Seller Centre

From here, you may access all of your bank accounts. In this page, you can also add additional bank accounts. As of now, Shopee does not offer any choices for deleting existing bank accounts yet.

You can evaluate your progress using the data menu. The information provided here can assist you in determining future steps that will boost sales.

Shopee Seller Centre: Insights about Business

image 11 Shopee Seller Centre

Insights about Business provides a numerical analysis of your online store’s performance. It offers information on your orders, sales, sales per order, conversion rate, page visits and visitors.

In this section, you’ll also find your top-performing products and categories. This data will come in handy when choosing products for marketing and promotions.

If you want to get a quantitative perspective of your present marketing efforts, head to Business Insights. It will calculate the sales, orders, units sold, buyers, and sales per buyer that you received from your advertisements and campaigns.

You can go through your ongoing campaigns and those that have already been completed in the calendar feature. Consider reading our blog post regarding Shopee Business Insights – An Overview of Analytics Available in Shopee Seller Centre for a more in-depth view at Shopee Business Insights.

Shopee Seller Centre: My Performance

image 12 Shopee Seller Centre

My Performance is the scorecard of your online store. It gives you your most recent rating in terms of several indicators, such as:

  • Cancellation
  • Non-fulfilment
  • Preparation time for shipping
  • Refunds and returns
  • Late delivery
  • The conversation with customer response rate
  • Customer chat response time
  • Overall evaluation rating
  • Violations are listed

Monitoring My Performance will reveal whether or not you deserve a penalty point. You can also figure out what causes contributed to your recent penalty points.

Shopee Seller Centre: My Penalty

image 13 Shopee Seller Centre

All of your penalty points are displayed here. It will also include the date you received the penalty points, the type of infringement, and a description of why you received such punishment.

Shopee Seller Centre: Evaluation on your Shop

image 18 Shopee Seller Centre

In the left-hand corner of the page, you’ll find your overall evaluation. By inputting the product name, you may see all of your comments for that product. You can also add the variation name, the customer’s username, and the review time to narrow down your search.

You can sort the reviews by the number of stars they received, as well as the ones you have yet to respond to and those you have already responded to.

Shopee Seller Centre: Shop Profile

image 15 Shopee Seller Centre

This section contains basic information about your shop profile, such as the number of products you have, non-fulfilment response rate, your shop rate, and response time.

You can also alter your store description, add photographs and videos, and modify the name of your shop.

Shopee Seller Centre: Decoration of your Shop

image 16 Shopee Seller Centre

Shopee’s Shop Decoration feature allows you to personalize the design of your store. Your shop homepage can include videos, banners, and even carousels. In Shop Decoration, you can highlight to emphasize specific products (usually product best-sellers and campaign candidates.)

Shopee Seller Centre: Categories in your shop

image 19 Shopee Seller Centre

Only the categories you manually generate using the Add Customized Category option can be deleted, not the ones created automatically or by Shopee. If you don’t want to use an automated or Shopee category, try clicking the visibility ticker to make it invisible.

Arranging your product categories can help you increase sales by making things simpler for buyers to find your products.

Shopee Seller Centre: My Reports

image 20 Shopee Seller Centre

This is the part where you will find a structured copy of the data (reports) containing information about Product, Order, Finance, Marketing Center and Data sections from the Shopee Seller App.

You may examine your reports in all of those areas from the previous six months on My Reports.

The settings menu is extremely important and should be checked right away after you register as a Shopee seller.

Shopee Seller Centre: My Shipping

image 21 Shopee Seller Centre

This is where you may configure the shipping channels that your Shopee seller centre store will support.

Each delivery courier has its own set of rules and regulations. Ensure you read the terms and conditions of the courier you want to use for your store.

You can inform the couriers you’ll be dealing with to accept cash on delivery.

You may tell clients how long their items will take to arrive once they place an order. This will encourage communication with your customer. In the Days To Ship section, click the Edit button.

Select a number and choose Update.

Shopee Seller Centre: My Contact Information

image 22 Shopee Seller Centre

You can enter your shipping, return, and pick-up addresses here. You can add many addresses, but only one can be used as your pick-up location.

To begin, select Add A New Address.

Pick a current address and choose Edit to create pick-up, return, or shipping address.

For the present address, select whichever setup you wish. Save the file.

Shopee Seller Centre: Basic Settings

image 23 Shopee Seller Centre

In the Basic Settings, there are ways to secure your account. The shop protection function can be enabled in Shop Settings. Shopee will monitor your account for unusual activity and will prompt you to input an OTP on your next login. The OTP is given to your registered mobile phone number, so it cannot be accessed by anyone else.

You can also select vacation mode if you are planning a trip or will be away from your shop for an extended length of time. Buyers will be unable to add your product to their cart if this functionality is enabled. You can avoid unfavourable evaluations caused by long shipping times or poor customer service by opting for vacation mode.

In the previous section, we described how you must generate a wallet pin in order to obtain your funds. You can also generate a wallet pin manually in the payment settings. It is also possible to change the current pin.

You can conceal your likes and comments from your followers under the privacy settings. You can also block specific people if you’ve been having problems with other sellers or purchasers.

The negotiating function can be enabled or disabled. The capacity of a buyer to send you offers concerning your products via chat is known as negotiation.

You can also choose whether or not you want people to be able to message you directly from your profile page. This tool was designed with buyers in mind, but as a seller, it is an advantageous to allow customers to approach you directly from your profile page.

In addition, you can establish an autoreply in your chats. The goal is to reduce the amount of time it takes to manually respond to customers who ask about general policy or product specials.

Shopee Seller Centre: Settings for Notifications

image 24 Shopee Seller Centre

You can choose whether or not you wish to receive email or push notifications from here. It is strongly advised that you enable push notifications as you’ll be notified of orders.

Shopee Seller Centre: Account

image 25 Shopee Seller Centre

Here, you can make changes to the following data:

  • Phone
  • Profile
  • Email
  • Password
  • Accounts on social media
  • Platform for partners

To access this part, you will be prompted to re-enter your password for verification purposes.


Understanding the Shopee Seller Center can be quite beneficial to a seller who is seeking to run his online business. When it comes to online selling, seller center isn’t the only thing to focus on.

Data can help you boost your profit margins drastically. We have the expertise and software to give you with the information you need to make your next step. Contact us right away to discover how we can help you!

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