10 Best Social Media Scheduling Software in 2022

Multiple social media accounts for a company require a lot of time to monitor, as any social media manager will attest to. However, you do not need to switch between systems and browser tabs in order to complete your task. Your work may be centralised, and you can save a lot of time and effort by using a decent social media scheduling tool.

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To assist you in selecting the finest social media scheduling tool for your company, we’ve listed 10 good social media schedulers in this post.

Social media scheduling tool and what it is

A social media scheduling tool is a software that enables you to plan and schedule your social media material in advance from one simple dashboard, typically across many social networks and multiple accounts.

How do social media scheduling tools operate?

Despite modest variations among the tools, the fundamental steps are the same:

  • Either using your desktop or a mobile app, you upload your content (media files like photographs or videos) to the dashboard
  • Add emojis, location tags, hashtags, and captions to your photos.
  • Set the publication date and time in the future.
  • Push the “Schedule” button and take a seat (the social media scheduler will auto-publish content to social media at the defined time).

Social media scheduling tools’ advantages

Social media scheduling tools will be a terrific addition to your toolset if you use a variety of social media networks. This is why.

  • Saving time

By enabling you to plan and schedule content days (or even weeks) in advance, scheduling solutions enable you to focus on other areas of your business while saving time.

  • Remain arranged.

With the aid of these tools, you can effortlessly analyse your planned social material across all the platforms you utilise while maintaining an overall perspective.

  • Reduce errors.

You have more time to edit and proofread the pieces before they go live when you schedule content in advance.

  • Post during the best times.

The majority of social media scheduling tools offer advice on when to publish material.

10 tools for scheduling social media posts in 2022

1. Hootsuite

Businesses of all sizes, independent social media managers, social media and marketing teams, and content creators are all intended users.

Hootsuite is a service for scheduling social media posts that assists companies of all sizes in creating, scheduling, and publishing social media content. Whatever the size of your company, this tool has potent features that let you increase your social network presence.

image 1 Social Media Scheduling

Hootsuite offers a variety of useful scheduling tools, including as bulk scheduling, auto-posting, and suggestions for the optimal times to post (unique to your account and audience, based on your own social analytics).

image 2 Social Media Scheduling

For Facebook, Instagram (Posts, Stories, and Reels), TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest, you can schedule posts using Hootsuite. an intuitive dashboard all in one. (To learn how to schedule material for each platform, click the links.) Consider how much time you’ll save by not having to move between 7 apps to upload information.

Hootsuite also provides a calendar view, content creation tools, thorough analytics, and social media performance reporting, all of which help you post the best content possible.

Key attributes of the user-friendly social media dashboard from Hootsuite:

  • Scheduling posts
  • scheduling in bulk
  • Auto-posting
  • content repository
  • comprehensive reporting and analytics
  • streams for tracking brands and social media
  • a combined inbox for comments and direct message
  • custom workflows and permissions
  • Team ticketing system
  • extensive integrations with third-party apps

Price: free trial for 30 days. Paid plans start at RM230 per month(Professional), RM610 per month (Team), RM3500 per month (Business), and enterprises can request custom pricing.

2. SocialPilot

Who it’s for: Teams, marketing agencies, and small enterprises

You may post on popular social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, and TikTok, among others, with SocialPilot, a straightforward and reasonably priced social media scheduler.

image 3 Social Media Scheduling

The main goals of SocialPilot are to streamline the publishing process and maximise marketing initiatives. With this application, a single account can be used to share up to 500 posts and connect them to up to 200 social network accounts.

There are no character restrictions when publishing on SocialPilot, unlike the social media platforms itself. As a result, people can freely publish and distribute posts.

Key characteristics of SocialPilot:

  • personalised posts
  • reports with white labels
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Facebook inbox
  • collaborative capabilities
  • characteristic of content curation
  • mass scheduler
  • browser add-ons
  • Integration of RSS feeds
  • shortened URLs
  • integrations with third-party apps

14-day free trial; pricing.

Paid plans are payable annually and start at RM120 per month for Professional, RM200per month for Small Teams, RM400 per month for Studios, and RM500 per month for Agencies.

3. SocialBee

Who it’s for: Individual entrepreneurs, small companies, and agencies

The all-in-one social media scheduling application SocialBee enables you to manage your online presence, curate content, and schedule posts.

image 4 Social Media Scheduling

This programme assists you in automating the entire process by categorising each article. As a result, rather than posting pieces one at a time, material can be scheduled depending on categories. You can bulk schedule and edit posts if you’re managing campaigns on a large scale.

Additionally, SocialBee automatically recycles and reposts your evergreen content, or material that is always relevant, so you don’t have to.

Important aspects of SocialBee:

  • Earlier planning
  • category control
  • mass editor
  • Upload and import
  • collaborative capabilities
  • Unique URL
  • evergreen materials
  • Analytics and reporting

14-day free trial, pricing.

For startups and small enterprises, paid options with annual billing begin at RM75/month (Bootstrap, RM155/month (Accelerate), and RM310/month (Pro).


It is intended for Twitter users.

Tweetdeck is the planner for you if Twitter plays a significant role in your social media marketing plan. Tweetdeck lets you schedule material for solely Twitter accounts, as the name would imply. There is no support for other social media platforms.

The procedure is easy. With your primary Twitter username and password, sign in to Tweetdeck. Add any additional accounts that already exist. Create your tweet. Select a time and date for it to be live. Although the process is simple, Tweetdeck has a robust Twitter dashboard where you can view your live feed, mentions, notifications, and other activities. You may manage trending hashtags and direct messages (DMs) as well as organise your Twitter feed into various timelines.

image 5 Social Media Scheduling

Essential elements of Tweetdeck:

  • Organize tweets across many Twitter accounts
  • observing devices
  • assistance with Twitter listings
  • self-updating lists
  • Alert notifications

Payment: Free

5. Sendable

Who it’s for: Small companies and government organisations

A social media scheduler called Sendible is made to make it easier for small businesses and marketing firms to manage social media accounts for several clients.

A user-friendly social content calendar provided by Sendible lets you see which articles will go up when. You have the option of publishing posts one at a time or in bulk. Additionally, you can make post queues if you wish to publish posts for your clients’ social network accounts.

image 6 Social Media Scheduling

Additionally, Sendible provides a unified social inbox that enables you to manage mentions and comments across many networks. Additionally, you receive email alerts when a mention meets your preset criteria.

The robust analytics and reporting tools provided by Sendible make it simple to monitor and document the success of client campaigns. The social listening technology also allows you to gauge customer satisfaction with brands.

Sendible offers support for popular blogging platforms like WordPress and Medium in addition to popular social media channels.

Characteristics of Sendible

  • Effective scheduling
  • Social interaction
  • reporting and analytics
  • Customer interaction Client administration
  • management of evergreen content
  • Curation of content
  • Integration of RSS feeds

Pricing: 14-day free trial

Paid subscriptions begin at RM120 per month (Creator), RM360per month (Traction), RM800 per month (Scale), and RM1600 per month (Expansion), all of which are billed annually.

6. AgoraPulse

Who is it for? Marketing groups and companies

AgoraPulse is a platform for social media scheduling that enables you to plan posts, interact with your followers, and track the success of your efforts.

You may create a social media calendar and customise your social media material for each platform using AgoraPulse’s publishing tool.

With AgoraPulse’s integrated CRM, you can better understand and manage your audience.

Important aspects of AgoraPulse

  • Options for scheduling and queuing
  • Calendar format
  • functional teamwork
  • Follow comments and mentions
  • track popular hashtags
  • listening for keywords
  • classifications for queues
  • reporting and analytics
  • Reports in CSV and PowerPoint

Price: free trial for 30 days.

Free for life scheme. Paid plans are payable annually and start at RM375/month (Pro) and RM950/month (Premium). Custom pricing for large businesses.

7. MeetEdgar

Small and medium-sized businesses are the target audience.

MeetEdgar is a special tool that makes it easy to schedule social media updates.

The social media publishing schedule for this tool is based on categories. As a result, you may schedule and arrange your social media postings into several categories.

To ensure that your content trail is never empty, MeetEdgar features a system that recycles your evergreen posts indefinitely. You can also produce fresh material with this tool. When you link to a blog that your reader will appreciate even if you don’t have a post ready, MeetEdgar will automatically extract a quote from the content and turn it into a social media post.

Characteristics of MeetEdgar

  • Scheduler based on categories
  • unlimited library of content
  • social sharing that is automated
  • automatic sharing of posts
  • automatic refill line
  • RSS feed import

7-day free trial; pricing.

Paid plans are payable annually and start at RM120 for the Eddie plan and RM200 for the Edgar plan.

8. Plannable

Who it’s for: Agencies, marketing teams, and independent contractors Businesses may develop, schedule, and plan their social media content with Planable, a social media scheduler. This tool saves time and eliminates the need for numerous checks and adjustments by providing users with a preview of how their posts will appear once they are published.

image 7 Social Media Scheduling

Planable places a strong emphasis on cooperation and teamwork, and its planned post approval process reflects that. Before it is released, scheduled material can be improved by team members using comments. Users can then either approve the posts themselves or wait for client approval.

As a result, there are less arguments within the team about how to carry out their social media plan and more transparency.

Characteristics of Planable

  • scheduling and preparation
  • Direct sharing on social media
  • Review of a social media post
  • advanced mechanism of approval
  • Instantaneous feedback

Price: Free for life

Paid subscriptions are payable annually and start at RM40/month for Basic, RM90/month for Pro, and an unique price for Enterprise. For RM950 a year per additional workspace, add more.

9. Tailwind

Pinterest users, bloggers, internet businesses, and eCommerce companies are its target audience. Tailwind is a scheduling application made especially for people who use Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Because it was designed just for Pinterest, this tool enables advanced and customised post scheduling, the option to schedule pins for multiple boards, and interval planning.

image 8 Social Media Scheduling

Soon after, Tailwind added functionality for scheduling on Facebook and Instagram. Tailwind will track your progress as you plan, create, and post content so you can adjust your approach as needed.

Important aspects of Tailwind:

  • finding content
  • scheduling posts
  • following conversations
  • reporting and analytics
  • recommendations for content on Pinterest
  • promotion of Pinterest content
  • Trends and tracking for Pinterest
  • watching hashtags on Instagram
  • management of Instagram UGC content
  • listening on Instagram

14-day free trial; pricing. Free for life scheme.

Paid subscriptions are payable annually and start at RM45/month (Pro), RM95/month (Advanced), and RM190/month (Max).

Who it’s for: Organizations

10. Pallyy

Businesses can schedule visual social media material more easily with Pallyy, a social media scheduler. Popular networks including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and TikTok are supported by this tool.

The Instagram user-specific features of Pally are available. This consists of a grid design for managing comments, hashtag lists, and a tool for adding links to bios.

Additionally, Pallyy offers analytics information for some well-known social media sites including Facebook and Instagram.

Characteristics of Pallyy:

  • Social media calendar with drag and drop
  • media archive
  • Adaptable templates
  • Integrate Canva

14-day free trial; pricing. Free for life scheme. The monthly fee for the premium plan is RM65, paid yearly.

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