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The Complete Guide to Influencer Marketing Trends 2022 in Malaysia

It’s almost impossible to scroll contents in social media without stumbling across influencer marketing trends. Influencers are flaunting their latest food discoveries, outfits, beauty products, and candles everywhere you turn, and that’s just the beginning. Influencers are continually devising new ways to be sponsored on their favourite platforms, ranging from conventional posts to the ever-popular Instagram Stories to extended reels.

It’s crucial to remember that anyone can be an influencer when identifying influencers. You have influence if you have just one follower. You have generated interaction even if you obtain just one like or comment on your post. Let’s take a moment to recognise the budding influencers who are gaining traction. These people simply love their favourite brands and items, therefore they post about them. Granted, they’re presumably hoping for a brand contract in the long term, but they’re not making any money at the moment they’re posting.

Influencer marketing trends may appear to be a new concept that has only lately gained popularity. Influencer marketing trends has used for the last 20 years. PayPerPost, the first marketplace to pay bloggers for sponsored content, was met with a lot of buzz when it originally started. Many experts were doubtful that include ads or sponsorships in the material would feel real because blogs were primarily considered as online diaries. That is still an issue for today’s influencers, but there are various advantages for those who can successfully promote products or services while remaining authentic and honest. People prefer to buy from other people, therefore if they like someone, they’re more likely to believe their recommendations.

Influencer marketing trends is a hot topic in marketing right now, and with good reason: Influencer marketing trends is used by nine out of ten businesses. It’s time to keep yourself up to date with influencer marketing trends solutions if you don’t want your company to fall behind. There’s bound to be at least one influencer that meets your demands, no matter what business you’re in. Don’t worry if you can only locate a few smaller influencers in your niche.

Generally, businesses earn RM15 in earned media value for every RM1 spent. If you want to enhance brand awareness, sales, or get your company’s name out there in any manner possible, you should use influencer marketing trends. If you use other types of marketing strategies, they may not carry the same level of media value. However, the most important thing is to approach influencer marketing strategically so that you get it right. Working with the appropriate influencers in the correct area is the only way to get this kind of earned media equivalent.

Malaysian Influencer Marketing Trends to look out for

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing trends is no exception to the rule that innovative sectors are always changing. Influencers and marketers are both looking for new ways to connect with their audiences and promote their products. There are five major ways that influencer marketing will change in the coming year. As you adjust your marketing plan, keep these modifications in mind.

1. Micro Influencers are getting more popular

Micro Influencers are getting more popular Influencer Marketing Trends

Micro-influencers may appear to be the tiniest players in the influencer marketing game, but they are the most powerful. According to new research, micro-influencers may yield better effects than mega-influencers. This is because as influencers gain in popularity, their engagement may decrease.

In 2022, when considering influencers, brands do not prioritise follower count. It’s more about the quality of their material and the number of people that engage with it. As a result, micro-influencers are expected to have greater clout in the coming years than celebrities.

2. Changing platforms

Changing platforms Influencer Marketing Trends

Instagram is the most popular place for influencer marketing in Malaysia. Surprisingly, it’s not the platform that brings in the most money. That, it turns out, is Facebook.

This does not imply that Instagram will be phased out very soon. However, it seems that more and more firms are venturing outside Instagram for ways to supplement their marketing efforts. Keep a look out for influencer marketing on YouTube, Bigo Live and Tik Tok in 2022, particularly if your target demographic is Generation Z.

It makes you wonder what the next major influencer marketing trends will be. We may not know the solution, but we do know that it will continue to change. By joining new platforms as they emerge, ecommerce firms may be ready to take advantage of new, innovative platforms and content. Influencers are more likely to want to work with you if you already have a following on a certain platform.

3. Employees and Customers as Influencers

Employees and Customers as Influencers Influencer Marketing Trends

We’ve discussed the importance of marketing to your consumers, but have you considered how influential your customers can be? Customers are people who are already familiar with, like, and own your product, making the step from customer advocacy to customer influence quite simple.

The same may be said about your staff, who have put time and effort into establishing your company. This alone lends actual credibility to your team. Employees might be natural advocates because they are already involved in the development of your product or service. These two parties will most likely become brand influencers in 2022.

4. Businesses are now changing Investment Strategies

Businesses are now changing Investment Strategies Influencer Marketing Trends

Finding and connecting with the right influencer may be difficult and costly. Influencers were traditionally employed for one-time campaigns by brands. However, as we approach 2022, we’ll certainly see brands focusing on long-term connections.

This effort not only saves marketers time, work, and money, but it also allows the influencer to gain trust and have a stronger impact on a brand’s audience. Long-term partnerships with influencers can boost the credibility of the product or service that the influencer is promoting.

5. Influencer Marketing Agencies are growing in popularity

Influencer Marketing Agencies are growing in popularity Influencer Marketing Trends

Influencer marketing, like any other business approach or tactic, is becoming more standardised. Influencer representation agencies that help businesses locate the suitable ideal influencers for their strategy are becoming increasingly available. Influencer marketing will continue to flourish as the business surrounding it grows.

These kind of companies are a terrific choice for ecommerce brands who don’t have the time or resources to stay up with influencer marketing trends. Without understanding everything yourself, you can still benefit from the great success that often comes with influencer marketing.

Here we include two of the hottest influencer marketing agencies in Malaysia right now:

AJ Marketing

AJ marketing Influencer Marketing Trends

AJ Marketing manages influencer campaigns from start to finish. They also feature a free blog dedicated to Malaysian social media trends and influencers. AJ Marketing has 7,000 influencers in its network. YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram are the three social media channels that the agency concentrates on. Gaming, technology, beauty, fashion, travel, lifestyle, gastronomy, and many more themes are covered by their creators.

“Our aim is to assist multinational businesses succeed in Malaysia,” says Arthur Sabalionis, CEO of AJ Marketing. This agency is ideal for businesses who are just getting started in Malaysia. AJ Marketing also specialises in marketing strategy, SEO, social media advertising, public relations, digital billboards, and celebrity licencing. In addition to Malaysia, they have offices and teams in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan, and Korea. It’s a one-stop shop for all of your Asian marketing needs.


Picture5 1 Influencer Marketing Trends

Sevenvault is a Malaysian content and influencer marketing agency. They concentrate on using the power of content and influencers to empower brands and aid in the growth of businesses. Campaign conceptualization and management, PR outreach, content production, and events and workshops are among their influencer marketing offerings.

Sevenvault has a network of over 5000 influencers with a cumulative reach of 750 million people. They’ve worked on over 1000 projects for clients in a variety of industries, including Nivea, HSBC, Shopee, and many others.

Sevenvault collaborated with Sugar and I to provide dessert boxes to influencers in Malaysia during Covid-19. Through influencer Instagram story mentions, the alliance aimed to raise brand awareness for both firms. This campaign reached over 20 million people through the media.

6. Influencers are showing “realer” contents

Influencers are showing realer contents Influencer Marketing Trends

Influencers are returning to their roots in different ways. People have been significantly more interested in seeing posts that aren’t heavily censored in recent years. They are unwilling to listen to, learn from, or accept counsel from someone whose life appears to be completely unreachable. They would rather witness reality. They want to see influencers make mistakes and have bad days, but then pick themselves up and continue on.

More people trust and follow influencers as a result of this full transparency, which implies more people will view and purchase sponsored material. When ecommerce firms partner with influencers, they may now reach even more people, especially if they’re not only showcasing the beautiful, highly-filtered parts of their lives.


Influencer marketing is becoming more and more popular among brands. It’s a terrific approach to engage with audience members, increase brand awareness, and promote conversions, especially with the development of word-of-mouth marketing and social proof. Remember to keep an eye out for the ever-changing trends in the Malaysian influencer marketing scene in order to grab any golden opportunities that arise.

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