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Top 50 TikTok Influencers in Malaysia 2022

TikTok is a popular social networking application among Malaysian internet users. Why, you might ask? Social media consumers nowadays expect short-form video features, entertaining and creative filters, and, of course, unique sound bytes. As a result of these factors, TikTok has risen to the sixth most popular social media network in Malaysia and has created tiktok influencers.

TikTok naturally became a marketer’s closest friend in this country. A brand can reach around 14.6 million Malaysian internet users by posting an ad on this site. That equates to over 45 percent of the whole population of this country! Because of this market behavior, TikTok has become an efficient and cost-effective platform for marketing and advertising.

Influencer marketing is one of the most effective social media marketing tactics in Malaysia. Because the Malaysian market is risk-averse, people tend to rely on the opinions of influencers and experts regarding certain products before making purchasing selections. Influencers act as Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) on platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

Running an influencer marketing campaign on TikTok may be both easy and difficult. The idea is simple: you collaborate with influencers so that the trust they’ve created with their audience can be shared with your company. The difficult aspect is identifying the correct influencer to work with. Influencers cover a wide range of topics, including fitness, technology, beauty, and parenthood.

They also differ in terms of follower numbers and content format. This is when extensive research comes into play. As a marketer or business owner, you must understand your brand’s core principles. You’d be able to identify the ideal influencer for your image this way.

To assist you in finding the perfect influencer, we have compiled a list of the top 50 TikTok influencers in Malaysia this year. This list may provide insight into the TikTok influencer landscape in this country:


roshan jeet

Followers: 7,000,000

Topics: Comedy, Music

Roshan Jeet is at the top of our list. Roshan Jeet was born in Kuala Lumpur but is of Indian origin. He is a well-known social media personality best known for his hilarious videos in which he modifies the words of popular songs to create a parody. He also uses TikTok’s Q & A tool to get ideas for his upcoming material from his viewers.

When creating content, Roshan crafts his own script. His uniqueness has piqued the interest of his 7 million TikTok followers. He frequently develops sketches or amusing lists of routine daily activities.


angel lowee

Followers: 9,100,000

Topics: Lifestyle, Dance, Fitness

Angel Lowee’s Instagram is largely dedicated to her dance moves and easy do-it-yourself fitness videos. Aside from fitness and health videos, she drew the attention of Malaysian TikTok fans due to her extravagant lifestyle. She is unquestionably a fashion, beauty, and health icon. She also posts travel stories and dance videos.

3. Baby Shima / NOR ASHIMA RAMLI

baby shima

Followers: 4,200,000

Topics: Music, Entertainment

Her TikTok feed is jam-packed with videos of various performances, brand collaborations, and vlogs. Nor Ashima Ramli, better known by her stage name Baby Shima, is a Malaysian and Indonesian pop dancer and vocalist. This popstar has taken the internet by storm with her tremendous talent. She is also well-known on other social media channels, such as YouTube. She has over 4.2 million followers and 30 million likes on TikTok.


jeff yuman

Followers: 3,900,000

Topics: Comedy, Entertainment

Jeff Yuman began routinely posting on TikTok in late 2019. In one of his early films, he pretended to flush his phone down the toilet. This skit went viral, and he now has millions of Malaysians following him on this platform.

He is well-known for his hilarious videos and card tricks. His popularity on the platform earned him over 3.9 million followers and 100 million likes on TikTok.


dr.ben gee

Followers: 3,600,000

Topics: Health

Dr. Ben Gee is a dentist who actively provides dental and oral health advice on his TikTok account. In his films, he frequently talks dental and oral hygiene, but with a creative and comic spin. These videos assisted him in gaining 3.6 million followers and 56 million likes.

Dr. Ben Gee creates both instructional and entertaining videos. He occasionally follows the latest trends or lip-syncs to the hottest musical hits on the app. He’s also a terrific dancer, which has increased his fan base.


puspa wafiy

Followers: 3,000,000

Topics: Parody, Dance, Music

Puspa Wafiy, better known as Puspa Gomen, was a contestant in TikTok All-Star Southeast Asia 2019. To date, her TikTok account has 3 million followers and 37.9 million likes.

Although she rose to prominence through her TikTok dance and singing videos, her funny comic sketches with her spouse are equally popular.


steven ang

Followers: 2,900,000

Topics: Comedy, Entertainment

Steven Ang is one of the most inventive Malaysian TikTok content makers. When you visit his TikTok profile, you will be impressed by the amount of work he puts into each of his movies. He talks about food art, home hacks, and other content that largely deceives the eyes and intellect. He also makes stuff that includes special effects.


alieff irfan

Followers: 2,500,000

Topics: Investment, Lifestyle

Alieff Irfan is a wealthy and well-known Malaysian YouTuber. Alieff now rules the short-form video site TikTok. On the app, Alieff has over 2.5 million followers and 18.6 million likes.

Posts concerning Alieff’s daily actions as an investor can be seen on his feed He is also interested in sports cars, video games, and technology. Aside from that, he enjoys holding giveaways and sharing his wealth with his audience.


calvin khui

Followers: 2,500,000

Topics: Self Development, Comedy, Busines

Dato’ Calvin Khiu is the founder and CEO of MK Curtain Group of Companies (MK), a market leader in Malaysia’s curtain business. Many individuals have been impressed by Dato’ Calvin Khiu’s journey from humble beginnings to becoming an immensely powerful figure. On his stream, he provides educational TikTok videos with a humorous twist.

10. AHMAD AKID/ akiddos


Followers: 2,200,000

Topics: Music, Dance, Entertainment

Ahmad Akid, often known as Akiddos, rose to prominence due to his outgoing personality. His smile brightens the days of his over 2 million TikTok fans. He frequently posts parodies of sequences from popular drama shows, recreates TikTok viral trends, and produces videos showcasing his singing and dancing abilities.


alvin chong

Followers: 1,900,000

Topics: Music, Dance, Entertainment

Alvin Chong is well-known for his singing and acting abilities. Despite his Chinese ancestry, Alvin was born and raised in Malaysia. Despite growing up with Mandarin-Hokkien as his mother tongue, Alvin is fluent in Malay. This enabled him to connect with Malaysian TikTok users, which helped him gain recognition. On TikTok, Alvin has 1.9 million followers and 17 million likes. He typically broadcasts video transition trends, amusing duets, dance challenges, and lip-sync videos on his account.


mia sara nasuha

Followers: 1,900,000

Topics: Movie, Comedy, Entertainment

Mia Sara Nasuha is well-known for her roles in the films “Papa, I Love You,” “Lagenda Budak Setan,” and “Nur Kashin the Movie.” On the TV3 television network, she was named Best Kids Actress. She also won the Malaysian Film Festival’s Youngest Actress award. Mia is not only an actor, but also a TikTok social media celebrity.

13. MUHAMMAD NIZAM / Mintpulut


Followers: 1,600,000

Topics: Fitness

Muhammad Nizam, often known on TikTok as Mintpulut, is a fitness and wellness influencer. He frequently shares fitness recommendations for his fans who are likewise interested in bodybuilding and muscle toning. He also talks about his motorcycle and cycling travels around Malaysia.



Followers: 1,500,000

Topics: Dancing, Parenting

Bajilah is a Malaysian hijabi social media personality with 1.5 million followers and 18.7 million likes on her TikTok account. Bajilah’s material focuses on parenting, motherhood, and family life. She also uses TikTok’s Q&A tool to generate compelling content by answering her followers’ most frequently requested topics. She was able to establish a genuine and trusted relationship with them in this manner.


stella kelbert

Followers: 1,400,000

Topics: Beauty, Entertainment

Stella Kelbert, often known as Stella Cinderella, is a renowned TikTok influencer in Malaysia noted for her breathtaking beauty. Stella was born and reared in Russia till the age of thirteen. She and her family migrated to Malaysia, and she has always considered herself a Malaysian.


shah irfan

Followers: 1,400,000

Topics: Lifestyle, Entertainment

Shah Irfan is well-known for his Fafan Cosmetics brand, which he frequently promotes on his TikTok account. Aside from his own business, Shah frequently publishes videos on TikTok with his pals undertaking fun and wacky activities and dancing to a variety of hit tunes. He enjoys traveling and shares his experiences with his million followers. Aside from that, he is a toy collector.


areva ishak

Followers: 1,400,000

Topics: Beauty, Cosmetics

Areva Ishak is a Malaysian make-up artist and developer of beauty material. Areva is well-known for constantly engaging with her followers by responding to their queries about makeup products, makeup application, and makeup reviews. She accomplishes this by leveraging TikTok’s Q&A feature.


erissa puteri hashim

Followers: 1,400,000

Topics: Music, Entertainment

Erissa Puteri Hashim rose to prominence in 2014 after winning a talent show called Ceria Popstar. In 2017, she also joined the cast of Club Mickey House Malaysia. She is currently known as a music influencer on several social media platforms.


wincy chua

Followers: 1,400,000

Topics: Beauty, Fashion

Wincy Chua is a TikTok beauty and fashion enthusiast. The majority of her videos show her transitioning from a bare-faced look to a camera-ready full-face makeup look. She also makes films about her cosplay makeovers, shopping hauls, and vacation trips, among other things.


yana strawberry

Followers: 967,800

Topics: Comedy, Entertainment

Yana Strawberry is a TikTok influencer who is well-known for her parody short videos. Yana frequently creates content based on everyday Malaysian scenes, but with comic twists. She also frequently shares sketches with her buddies.

21. Ruthbell


Followers: 8.6M Followers

Topics: Comedy, Entertainment

Ruthbellpan is a TikTok content creator that broadcasts amusing contents on her account, including scamming fraudsters, animals without necks, and naked animals. In her posts, she also incorporates experiments, trivia and facts, and trending videos. She has 7.4 million followers on Twitter.

22. Siti Maryam Firdaus

siti maryam firdaus

Followers: 1.1M Followers

Topic: Islam, Lifestyle,

23. Jovynn 


Followers: 9M Followers

Topic: Music, Entertainment

24. Kee / clouty kee


Followers: 5.5M Followers

Topic: Entertainment, Comedy

25. Isa Isarb

isa isarb

Followers: 1.1M Followers

Topic: Entertainment, Comedy

26. Eija Anuar 

eija anuar

Followers: 1.9M followers

Topic: Entertainment, Comedy, Marriage-life

27. Ayda Jebat

ayda jebat

Followers: 885.9K Followers

Topic: Entertainment, Acting

28. Abangupinipin

abang upin ipin

Followers: 2.8M Followers

Topic: Entertainment, Comedy

29. Nini Wong

nini wong

Followers: 2.4M Followers

Topic: Business, Motivation, Acting

30. annajobling

anna jobling

Followers: 536.2K Followers

Topic: Entertainment, Acting

31. Aerilzafrel8


Followers: 1.9M Followers

Topic: Entertainment, Lifestyle, Comedy

32. Ebit Lew

ebit lew

Followers: 3.7M Followers

Topic:  Education, Motivation, Islam

33. Norreen143


Followers: 1.9M Followers

Topic: Comedy, Entertainment

34. Naim Daniel

nami daniel

Followers: 156.8K Followers

Topic: Music, Entertainment

35. Nuurdiin KL


Followers: 557.5K Followers

Topic: entertainment, comedy

36. VIEW Chin

view chin

Followers: 2M Followers

Topic: motivation, education, business

37. Eynanan


Followers: 1.1M Followers

Topic: Lifestyle, Entertainment

38. Boss James

boss james

Followers: 3M followers

Topic: Comedy, Entertainment, Motivation


tan boon heong

Followers: 489.2K Followers

Topic: Sports, Entertainment

40. Fatin Afeefa

fatin afeefa

Followers: 731K Followers

Topic: entertainment, lifestyle

41. SyasyaRushdiena

syasya rushdiena

Followers: 1.1M Followers

Topic: Entertainment

42. Pok Ro

pok ro

Followers: 705.5K Followers

Topic: Gaming, Streaming, Entertainment

43. Sofyank96


Followers: 2.5M Followers

Topic: Entertainment, Transition video editing

44. Dai Syed

dai syed

Followers: 641.9K Followers

Topic: Entertainment

45. Moses Wong

moses wong

Followers: 757.2K Followers

Topic: Entertainment, comedy

46. NoraDanish

nora danish

Followers: 1.3M Followers

Topic: Entertainment, Comedy

47. ZaraZya

zara zya

Followers: 1.4M Followers

Topic: Entertainment, Lifestyle

48. Ash&Wife

ash wife

Followers: 911.6K Followers

Topic: Food

49. Cikmanggis

cik manggis

Followers: 728.6K Followers

Topic: Dance, Entertainment

50. Syamimhasni


Followers: 739.7K Followers

Topic: Entertainment, Comedy

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