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Top Influencers in Malaysia 2022

Malaysian brands are searching for simple solutions to bring in the right content providers to capitalise on the burgeoning influencer marketing sector. They want top influencers in Malaysia who can communicate effectively with the target audience and sway followers.

However, it is critical to discover, acquire, and communicate with brand champions who have a huge following. Even if the firm uses a manual way to find the proper influencer, evaluating the influencer’s campaign performance and learning about competition can be difficult. Let’s look at some of the top influencers in Malaysia 2022.

15. Nelydia Senrose

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Nik Zaris Nelydia Binti Nik Sen, also known as Nelydia Senrose in Malaysia, is a well-known actress. Setia Hujung Nyawa, Bukan Kerana Aku Tak Cinta, and Lafazkan Kalimah Cintamu were among her many TV appearances. Her immaculate images and acting skills have wowed the internet. With 4,600,000 Instagram followers, she has effectively established her large fan following.

Nelydia’s Instagram update is one of the most anticipated because she consistently provides helpful product reviews. Lancome, Samsung, and Havaianas Malaysia have all collaborated with her in the past. She runs her own jewellery company, Nelydia Jewels, in addition to being an actress and influencer.

14. Hairul Azreen

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Hairul Azreen bin Idris is a Malaysian Taekwondo competitor, martial artist, actor, and stuntman. His reputation has grown following his success in action films such as PASKAL The Movie, Operasi X, and Polis EVO 2. He now has a large fan base of 5 million Instagram followers.

He enjoys posting training updates for his films alongside other stunt men on his Instagram feed. He just shared some behind-the-scenes photos and sneak peeks from his new TV show, Ada Hantu. Due to his growing popularity, he has collaborated on promotional content with brands such as My100plus and Bubblebee in Malaysia.

13. Emma Maembong

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Fatimah Rohani, better known by her stage name Emma Maembong, is a stunning Malaysian actress and model with Scottish ancestry. Munirah in Kau Yang Terindah, Nawwal Husna in Projek Memikat Suami, Aryana in Yes Boss, Medina Izwani in Isteri Separuh Masa, and Farhah in Tersuka Tanpa Sengaja helped her achieve fame.

Her physical transformation series was the series of posts that drew the most attention. After eating a specific slimming drink, she was able to reduce her weight from 66 kg to 53 kg. Not only that, but she also enjoys sharing special moments with her family, such as playing together, celebrating birthdays, and travelling. She’s also worked with high-end businesses like Dior to promote their products on her page.

12. Aeril Zafrel

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Let’s meet Aeril Zafrel, a Malaysian actor and model. When he appeared in TV programmes such as Kisah Kaisara, Senja Permai, Cinta Jannah, and others, people began to notice him. His success on television has spread to social media. He now has more than 5.1 million Instagram followers.

He frequently shares lovely moments with his wife and young angels on social media. He also runs rielkies hq and wawacosmetics, two tiny businesses. He is regarded for having a wonderful heart in addition to his stunning looks. He is a devout Muslim who enjoys sharing inspirational Islamic phrases on his Facebook page. Aeril also enjoys telling his followers about his favourite brands. He’s previously worked with Oreo, Xiaomi, Pu-Tea, and a number of other companies.

11. Rozita Che Wan

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Rozita binti Abu Bakar, popularly known as Rozita Che Wan or Che Ta, is an actress, former stewardess, and Miss Malaysia Intercontinental 1992 winner. Her popularity skyrocketed after she starred in the comedy series Kiah Pekasam, making her one of the most well-known female comedians.

She was also nominated for the Berita Harian Popular Star Awards for her acting, which she received a lot of praise for. Her large following has made her one of the most popular female celebrities on social media. Her romance and marriage with prominent comedic actor Zain Saidin has attracted a lot of media attention. She posts some of her most beautiful photographs, OOTDs, and brand suggestions on her Instagram feed. She has 5.1 million Instagram followers currently.

10. Elfira Loy

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Nurul Elfira Loy binti Ahmad Sabri is a Malaysian actress who goes by the name Nurul Elfira Loy. Her performances as Qalesya in the blockbuster drama Qalesya and as Amirah in Disney’s Waktu Rehat were huge hits.

Elfira Loy is a model for brands including Motosikal Honda, Sunway Lagoon, Mee Sedap, Institut Jantung Negara, Bank RHB, Mamee Slurp, and The New Face Of Maybelline New York, among others (Malaysia). She uses her feeds to keep her 5.1 million followers up to speed on her everyday activities as well as beneficial beauty ideas.

9. Awal Ashaari

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Meet Awal Ashaari, a prominent Malaysian TV personality, actor, and great daddy. Awal’s material consistently receives great interaction and vast distribution thanks to his 5.2 million Instagram followers. His main topics are his daily updates as a well-known Malaysian celebrity. He also documents his time with his small family, including cooking, eating, and shopping.

He also publishes images from his travels in Malaysia and overseas, such as in Manhattan, Rome, Mecca, Italy, Japan, and other locations. He promotes his own company, Schambal, in addition to creating promotional content for brands.

8. Uqasha Senrose

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Nik Zaris Uqasha, also known as Uqasha Senrose, is a Malaysian actress and model. She is the younger sister of Nelydia Senrose and the sister of Raysha Rizrose, the 2015 Dewi Remaja champion. Uqasha is known for her roles as Melati in Paku Pontianak (2013) and Nurin Areesa in Tundukkan Playboy Itu, a novel adaptation starring Hafidz Roshdi.

Her popularity has led to her appearing in additional well-known films. She has a large number of social media fans as a result of her outstanding performing abilities. She enjoys influencing her audience with her beauty and skincare reviews, in addition to offering sneak previews of her latest films.

7. Fasha Shanda

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Fasha is a well-known Malaysian actress who has starred in films like Black Maria, Bujang Senang, Gong, and Cicak Man. She has won multiple accolades for her outstanding acting abilities, including the Anugerah Bintang Popular in 2005 and 2011 for Chinta, a Malaysian television series.

She was named the Maybelline ambassador, following Siti Nurhaliza, because to her expanding popularity. Her feed is filled with updates about her and her family’s activities. She also shares food and beauty product reviews, as well as images and videos with skincare and cooking suggestions.

6. Ayda Jebat

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Nur Suhada binti Jebat goes by the stage name Ayda Jebat. She is a Malaysian model, singer, and actress. Her first acting role was a hit, and she has since acted in other films, television dramas, and films. Ayda also had a single called “The Girl Who” that was used on the “MAI D” soundtrack.

She just announced her pregnancy on Instagram and described her experience as a young expectant mother. Her posts regarding her music videos and sneak glimpses of her on-stage appearances are also available. In her song video “Kasih Dari Hati,” she cooperated with numerous big brands, including Oppo Malaysia. She’s also worked with Rexona, Lazada, KitKat, and a number of other companies.

5. Janna Nick

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Janna Nick is a Malaysian actress, singer, host, and director who got her start in TV shows including Syurga Nur, Kau Aku Kita, Suami Tanpa Cinta, and My Coffee Prince. Janna debuted as a musician in 2016 with the release of her debut track, Mungkin Saja.

Janna enjoys sharing early peaks of her newest series, as well as promotional content from businesses like Toyota Yaris, Dior, Tom Ford, Louis Vuitton, and others. She also enjoys uploading cooking videos that make you hungry for tasty cuisine. Janna now has over 6.2 million Instagram followers, making her one of the most popular influencers on the network.

4. Nora Danish

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Nora Danish is a well-known Malaysian actress, rapper, singer, model, television personality, and entrepreneur. She rose to prominence after starring in the comedic show Puteri. Naora has recently broadened her horizons by amassing a sizable Instagram following.

This stunning mother inspires her followers with her impeccable fashion sense, immaculate photoshoots, and lavish lifestyle. She also enjoys posting TikTok videos and frequently provides beauty tips and travel stories on her page.

3. Zizan Razak

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Zizan is a Malaysian comedian, actor, television personality, rapper, singer, and entrepreneur. On his feed, you’ll notice that he enjoys updating his followers on his travels and charity work, such as assisting the homeless and abandoned animals.

He shares a lot of promotional content for a variety of products, ranging from gaming to food to cosmetics to his wonderful love of car racing. Zizan has recently been interested in night cycling.

2. Siti Nurhaliza

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Let’s meet Dato’ Sri Hajah Siti Nurhaliza, a Malaysian Diva. She is a well-known Malaysian singer, composer, actor, and entrepreneur with a large social media following. She has won countless honours both locally and internationally for her incredible voice and beautiful beauty. She has recorded and sung in Malaysian, Javanese, English, and Mandarin, among other languages.

She enjoys posting about her lovely times with her little family as a well-known celebrity and a mother of two. Not only that, but she also has an impact on her audience through her benevolence, as she enjoys donating to those in need. She has just launched her own cosmetics line, Simplysiti Cosmetics, as well as her own shawl line, Afiya by Siti Nurhaliza.

1. Neelofa

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Neelofa Mohd Noor is at the top influencers in malaysia of our list. She is a Malaysian actress, television personality, commercial model, and businesswoman. Her popularity skyrocketed after she won the title of Dewi Remaja, a beauty queen competition.

In 2017, this International Trade and Marketing graduate was recognised on Forbes’ “30 Under 30 Asia” list. She has created various commercial endeavours and founded Naelofar Hijab and the Nilofa Group in addition to being active in the entertainment world. She is a modest Instagram fashion influencer with 8.7 followers. One of the high-end brands that has worked with her on an influencer marketing effort is Gucci.


In Malaysia, Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps. As a result, companies and marketers used the platform to launch their marketing campaigns and commercials. Influencer marketing has recently emerged as the most effective marketing tactic on Instagram.

TV celebrities, actresses, and singers dominate the top 15 Instagram influencers in Malaysia, according to the chart above. It also reveals that fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel, and entertainment are the most popular Instagram influencer themes. Women also dominate the influencer scene in this country.

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