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Types of Digital Marketing to Grow a Business in 2022

Digital marketing has become an important part of an organization’s overall marketing strategy during the last decade. They have many types of digital marketing and it enables businesses to cater their contents to a specific audience, allowing them to market directly to people who are likely to be interested in their product and convert to sales.

Digital marketing has been shown to provide significant business benefits. But first, we must comprehend what this approach entails, how it operates, and the various types of digital marketing that can be employed. It is critical to understand each sort types of digital marketing if you want to increase traffic, acquire more clients, increase brand awareness, engage teams, or engage your audience.

This guide was created to assist you in learning more about types of digital marketing. Each of the most effective methods of digital marketing is described here, along with its benefits and aims, as well as when and how to utilise them.

1) Content Marketing

Consumers are eager to learn how to solve their issues or fulfil their aspirations. You will acquire their trust if you provide it to them through high-quality, valuable content. As a result, your businesses will develop market authority and become the first choice of clients when making decisions. That is what Content Marketing is all about.

This method comprises distributing relevant content that answers your audience’s questions. It can be done through blogs, social media, emails, and other platforms. Apps and push notifications are two examples of mobile device formats.

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You should show the best content to lead your buyer persona to perform what you want with your marketing campaign by considering four characteristics which are channel, format, and genre. Content marketing can be utilised for a wide range of different purposes. The most common is converting the visitors to leads, which will see a higher success rate when you employ content in conjunction with other tactics like email marketing.

Content marketing means creating and sharing material—text, photos, and multimedia—that provides value to your audience rather than merely broadcasting an advertising message. B2C (business to consumer) content can include social media postings, blog articles, and amusing videos while B2B (business to business) content could include white papers, reports, webinars, and educational films.

2) Search Engine Marketing

When someone searches for your brand, products and services, and other relevant words and phrases, search engine marketing is all about getting your website to appear at the top of the results. Consider Google as well as Bing (which is frequently installed on business computers and is ideal for B2B), they encompass both organic (natural) and paid search (pay per click, or PPC).

Search engine optimization is exactly what its name entails, which is where it optimises your website for search engines. This requires creating content that people are actively seeking as well as ensuring that this content, as well as the platforms on which it sits, are technically optimised. You should be doing this regardless of your business or industry.

Search Engine Marketing Types of Digital Marketing

3) Social Media Marketing

Compared to other types of digital marketing like advertising such as television, newspaper and even online display advertising, social media brings a whole new and different level of engagement and interaction. Instead of simply broadcasting information to a large audience, you can engage with your customers and listen to their feedback. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and TikTok are just a few of the channels available, with options ranging from organic (like Facebook groups, page updates, stories, and Messenger) to sponsored (like Facebook ads). Almost every company should be on at least a handful of these social media platforms.

In all cases, the most important thing is to choose the best social network for your persona, brand, product/service, or content. The ability to get closer to your audience and the potential for interaction are two of the finest benefits of Social Media Marketing. When your work is shared via social media marketing, you may receive validation from your audience. You can also utilise social media to communicate directly with your target audience. That is why it is crucial to have them constantly updated and maintained.

Social Media Marketing Types of Digital Marketing

4) Paid Advertising

The paid adverts for search engines display before the organic results on the search engine results page. They always have an “Ad” favicon to draw the user’s attention. Different payment structures can be used for this type of digital marketing whereby the following are the most common.

Firstly, we have the PPC, or pay-per-click, is the most common method of online media payment, and it may be employed in practically any digital marketing strategy. As the name implies, you buy clicks on your ad by bidding on keywords in a keyword auction.

Another frequent model is CPM, or Cost-per-Mile impressions. When working with a short tail term within a limited time frame, it is more advantageous. The PPC approach is commonly used to only pay for what is used.

Paid Advertising Types of Digital Marketing

Another name for paid search advertising is pay per click. Two common examples would be Google Ads and Bing Ads. It shows at the top of the page with a small box that says ‘Ad’, and it looks almost identical to the natural search results. An auction based on keywords and demographics can be used to purchase a high ranking position which is especially valuable for e-commerce and local firms.

5) Email Marketing

In a world when everyone is texting or connecting via social media, email is still one of the most successful digital marketing methods. Seasonal promotions and discounts have proven to be very successful for e-commerce sites and retail brands, and you can also use email newsletters to ‘nurture’ your prospects by providing them with loads of value beyond just pushing your products and services.

Every day, a large number of emails are sent, yet some individuals still believe that email marketing is dead. To date, it is still one of the most efficient forms of digital marketing. You may see significant changes to your business if you apply it strategically. One way is by keeping your subscribers up to date with interesting and relevant material.

Promoting products and services through email is also viable, as long as you respect the privacy of your audience and don’t spam them with loads of emails. Email is a critical component of any successful Inbound Marketing plan. You will be able to guide your customer down the marketing funnel if you automate the process.

Email Marketing Types of Digital Marketing

6) Instant Message Marketing

Instant messaging apps are becoming more popular. Apart from WhatsApp, practically all social networking sites include direct messaging, which is a terrific marketing opportunity. When your consumers need help, they may use these channels to get a timely response, which is great for your brand and the relationship you have with your customers.

According to Statista, more than 1.6 billion individuals used WhatsApp in 2019, demonstrating the channel’s power and reach. As a result, this form types of Digital Marketing cannot be overlooked. You should use this strategy if you want to be available to your consumers around the clock.

Picture6 Types of Digital Marketing

7) Affiliate Marketing

For this types of digital marketing strategy, content creators are paid a commission for each product or service conversion. In simple terms, such content creators operate as a sales crew for your company. They develop their own unique and relevant material and include a link to your business or product. They get paid for each sale if their audience clicks to buy with their unique link or referral code.

The nice thing about Affiliate Marketing is that you won’t need a large audience because you’ll be reaching a community of content creators. You should choose influencers who are compatible with your services and products, just like you would in Social Media Marketing. Content creators like digital influencers could be leveraged in this form of marketing.

Affiliate Marketing 1 Types of Digital Marketing

8) Video Marketing

These days, video is the star of the show, and if there’s one thing you should be doing in your business, it’s probably this! It could be a brief clip or a lengthier format, instructional or amusing, pre-recorded or live-streamed. It’s no longer enough to simply take a TV commercial and post it online; instead, you must create unique content for your digital platforms. It’s a huge chance to reach new customers, whether it’s through entertainment, news, how-to videos, or educational content. Video marketing methods, as well as blog posts and emails, are employed to generate outcomes throughout the marketing funnel.

People seek out videos for a variety of reasons, including seeing reputable product or service reviews. Search engines and video are utilised by 80 percent of consumers to learn more about things and see how others have used them. And 55% of customers do so before making a purchase. This would be a great opportunity to boost sales.

Picture7 Types of Digital Marketing


In this age, there are countless ways to do marketing. You just have to experiment and find the ones which is the most suitable for your business. There are a few things you can do to increase your lead base and, as a result, your sales. If you want to improve your results, you should incorporate one or more of these strategies into your Digital Marketing strategy as soon as possible.

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