What is Social Bookmarking and How it Works

Long, long decades ago, individuals used to read paper materials, generally referred to as books, for knowledge, and they would record the place to something named as “bookmark.”

Okay, really, honestly – it is indeed difficult to recall where you left the post you are storing for future in the era of the internet as you attempt to control the whole of the social media posts browsers, webpages, and applications. And users of your website probably experience having similar issue. Social bookmarking can help with that.

Social bookmarking – what exactly is it?

Users can browse, monitor, organize, and share online pages using social bookmarking. Sharing stuff that you consider important and learning about trendy things are both made simple by social bookmarking applications and websites.

Social bookmarks, in contrast to internet bookmarks, are not regionally specific. Since social bookmarking websites are internet resources, you may read the stuff that you store on every device.

How exactly does social bookmarking operate?

There’s a built-in bookmarking function in the browser, however it is only available with that particular search engine. As you’ve probably figured, this term “social” is what makes social bookmarking unique. Yes, you have the option to keep your bookmarks private, but curating bookmarks for both the general public and particular audiences is equally simple.

The truth is, social bookmarking services are so tightly controlled that they practically resemble restricted browsers. Not only so, people collaborate to make sure the information is pertinent, particular, and of the highest calibre thanks to their (usually positive) discussion forums and rating features.

image 159 Social Bookmarking

Most probably, you have been using Pinterest and other social bookmarking websites as effective search engines.

Social bookmarking advantages

People online can store and find relevant data with ease by using social bookmarking. Each social media coordinator ought to have a working knowledge of how to navigate those websites.

Listed below are just a few advantages of social bookmarking:

Discover popular subjects

Conventional search searches and pattern surveys may be beneficial in the long run, but they aren’t necessarily the best at spotting trends as they develop.

Social bookmarking allows you to track hot subjects as they develop based on the actions and preferences of the individuals you like. If you gain great popularity, you could possibly be capable of altering the current trends.

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Rate your content

Nevertheless, if you utilize social bookmarking websites more naturally, you may still engage in optimal link building method that can help rate your material more highly in search engines in general. And bookmarking websites may detect spamming from a mile away.

The most important aspect affecting your search engine ranking is typically the number of backlinks (the quantity of connections going to a particular website link). Every url to your content is seen by Google like a vote of trust. Hence, the more urls you receive, the better off you are in search results.

Users can increase the number of natural backlinks to your material by using social bookmarking websites to send links to it whenever it is relevant. But take caution! You’ll be viewed as a spammer if you behave that way. Link-building is an excellent tool to enhance any SEO campaigns as much as you’re relaxed about it.

Create a cohesive crew

Users may utilize social bookmarking to create reliable solutions for your crew since it allows you to bookmark urls and then spread those with the others.

You may compile information and distribute it privately within your business, whether it is a list of social media rules, a bundle of writing task samples, a collection of motivational advertising campaigns, or basically some other compilation of material.

Connect with others who have similar interests.

It’s not simply about utilizing SEO to strengthen your brand. Additionally, social bookmarking gives you priceless exposure to folks from all over the globe who share the passion for a specific subject.

As connectivity is already incorporated into the website, you could interact with other members in your specific expertise by commenting, chatting, and sometimes even debating against them without seeming bothersome. Its most straightforward example would be utilizing a riding subreddit to advertise your bike shop by simply participating, sharing insightful information, and including the brand of your store in your account. You may easily grow your network if you appropriately utilize the technology.

The leading seven social bookmarking websites

There seem to be potentially a plethora of social bookmarking services available, a few of which you could already be utilizing.

Below is a collection of some of our preferred and most well-known social bookmarking websites.

  • Digg


Numerous people think that Reddit was inspired by the lengthy news aggregation Digg, which debuted in its present form in 2012. Most content shared on the website is related to research, technology, and contemporary issues.

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Digg enables individuals to post their original content on the network as well as to selecting the most popular trending news.

  • Mix


Mix, a robust social bookmarking service acquired by eBay and was once branded as StumbleUpon, enables consumers to save material that matches their interests, creating high quality material experiences. Mix is accessible as a desktop version application or smartphone application.

image 162 Social Bookmarking

It’s not only for you; colleagues or acquaintances may join your Mix account and view the content you’ve selected. This is a fantastic technique to increase popularity and highlight pertinent links within your company.

  • Hootsuite Streams

Accessible through a Hootsuite scheme

You can simultaneously track a maximum of ten providers with Hootsuite Streaming. It is an easy tool to manage various sources of info, select material, and distribute it to your organization.

  • Scoop.it

Free to utilize, but can pay for upgrade

Scoop.it is among the pioneers in the social bookmarking industry, having been in operation since the 2007. Visitors are given the option to establish “journals” in which they can bookmark postings on different subjects, that are later compiled into weblog.

image 163 Social Bookmarking

The option to connect favourites on social media or in privately is also available. Basic accounts are restricted to two themes, but paid customers have access to a complete sales channel.

  • Pinterest


If Pinterest is still not currently in your social media advertising strategy, it must be added immediately. And its effectiveness as just a social bookmarking website is a key factor in this.

image 164 Social Bookmarking

The ability for individuals to attach content to panels promotes social bookmarking. That is actually its primary characteristic.

Furthermore, selling straight through pins is an option for businesses, significantly simplifying the process of selling online.

  • Slashdot


Slashdot, among the oldest websites on the listing, was introduced in 1997 and advertised as a source of “information for geeks.” The website has subsequently changed, but its main areas of interest remain research, technology, and political.

image 165 Social Bookmarking

Articles are distributed from across website and tagged for categorization. They have long been a significant participant within the social bookmarking industry.

  • Reddit


Naturally, a social bookmarking piece wouldn’t be complete with the absence of covering the major players in the data collection industry. Reddit is among the most popular websites upon the globe and offers literally a very little bit of everything.

image 166 Social Bookmarking

However, if Reddit is part of your social media strategy, proceed with extreme caution. Excessive self-promotion is frowned upon on the ego website, and if you don’t take precautions, you risk receiving a shadowban. Ensure you utilize Reddit in the way that a Redditor would: Comment on blogs and subjects you are knowledgeable about, and then only mention the item when it is appropriate.

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