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What to Look Out For From Your Facebook Marketing Partner


It might be intimidating to try to navigate the field of Facebook advertising on your own. Thankfully, a Facebook Marketing Partner can provide you with the knowledge and guidance needed to be successful on the site. Here is all the information you want about Facebook marketing partners and the benefits of having one.

What Is a Facebook Marketing Partner?

A Facebook Marketing Partner is an independent Facebook advertising company that possesses the skills and experience required to be successful on the network. Companies Meta has screened for competence are considered Meta Business Partners.

What Does a Facebook Marketing Partner Do?

By concentrating on advertising, selling, and interacting, Facebook Marketing Partners can support your success on the rapidly expanding network. A Facebook Marketing Partner can assist you with campaign administration, creative platforms, feed platforms, analytics, and conversion statistics when it comes to advertising:

  • Campaign management: By taking care of the creative, audiences, budgets, scheduling, reporting, and analytics for your Facebook advertising campaigns, we can assist you in organizing, growing, and optimising them.
  • Creative solutions: Assist in producing first-rate creative material which might appeal to platform users.
  • Feed platforms: Assist with developing product catalogues for Facebook Marketplace, Instagram shopping, and advertising campaigns.
  • Measurement: Assist in measuring and keeping track of the effectiveness of advertising on the Facebook network and elsewhere.
  • Conversion data: Help with connecting Facebook content to offline conversions for more accurate data. Keep in mind that all measurements are done in-platform AND Facebook is making all shopping “native checkout,” meaning customers are never led to a third-party during the checkout process. 

A Facebook Marketing Partner may assist you in selling by linking your business and putting your items on the social media network to enable direct sales. A Facebook Marketing Partner may assist you with community management by maintaining and controlling your online communities, accounts, and pages. This can brings us full circle in terms of engagement.

Why Do You Need a Facebook Marketing Partner?

Working with a Facebook Marketing partner gives you access to professionals and knowledge you would otherwise not have. Let’s go into more detail about what it means to collaborate with a Facebook Marketing Partner.

  • You can keep up with all the most recent updates and platform advancements by collaborating with a Facebook marketing partner. When you can keep one step ahead of the competition, you can take use of the resources available to you to reach, interact with, and turn your followers into customers.
  • By collaborating with a Facebook Marketing Partner, you may get quick and simple access to professionals without having to go via Facebook. This enables you to avoid the frequently tedious and time-consuming procedure of contacting Facebook’s general chat help for technical difficulties that, if not promptly fixed, might wind up costing you clients.
  • You may attend invite-only events connected to Facebook by collaborating with a Facebook marketing partner. You could, for example, be able to join events like Facebook expos, training sessions, and other possibilities through your partner. These things might help you expand your business.
  • And last, collaborating with a Facebook Marketing Partner can help you gain the recognition you need to succeed on the site. Facebook not only honours the clients who contributed to its great achievements, but also its partner organisations.

Real Results from Facebook Marketing Partners

In order to help you better grasp what it actually means to collaborate with a Facebook Marketing Partner, let’s talk about a few positive stories in the context of Facebook Marketing.

  • The beauty brand Estee Lauder Malaysia ran Facebook Collaborative Ads in Malaysia in partnership with ecommerce platform Lazada to increase sales and saw a 42.5X return on ad spend. To boost online sales, Estée Lauder ran a campaign using Facebook Collaborative Ads in partnership with Lazada. To promote this Super Brand Day shopping event, the beauty company created a catalogue of its products on Lazada and then used Collaborative Ads to show these products on Facebook.
  • Standard Chartered wanted to improve the ad performance of the campaign for its newly launched Standard Chartered Smart Credit Card while also making the most of its budget. By using automatic placements, along with Facebook ad creative tailored to each placement, the financial institution saw both a higher clickthrough rate and an 8% lower cost per click.
  • To continue the success of previous Facebook marketing efforts, Jobbie wanted to test if a new Facebook business tool could improve campaign performance. The Malaysian peanut butter brand worked with Facebook Marketing Partner EasyStore to test using both Conversions API and the Facebook pixel, and earned a 9.2% decrease in cost per action with the tools combined.
  • ASUS wanted to engage its target audience in Malaysia in an innovative way, and wanted to try using content creator-generated brand assets to connect with customers on social media. The technology brand teamed up with Facebook Marketing Partner Vamp to run a series of branded content ads across Facebook and Instagram in Malaysia, increasing purchase intent by 3.8 points.

How to Find the Best Facebook Marketing Partner?

You should begin dealing with a Facebook Marketing Partner as quickly as you can given these outstanding outcomes. How then do you locate one? Wonderful news! It’s simple to locate one using Facebook’s Partner Directory. The unfortunate thing is that there are a lot of possibilities available, making it challenging to identify and select the ideal spouse.

MuteSix is the answer if you’re searching for the greatest Facebook marketing partner. MuteSix is a Meta Business Partner with a wealth of knowledge both within the platform and outside of it. MuteSix is the most honoured Facebook advertising firm, so don’t just take our word for it.

These were some of the outcomes we were able to bring about for our new brands:

  • An increase in total income of 209%
  • Facebook advertising income has increased by an additional 380%.
  • ROAS improvement of 26%
  • Costs of client acquisition fell by 13%

Our top-notch performance marketing enables organisations scale on Facebook and other platforms with cross-channel, data-driven creativity. Along with programmatic, we also provide services for more platforms including Instagram, YouTube, Google, Amazon, TikTok, Snapchat, and Pinterest.

To determine where you need assistance, we begin by thoroughly auditing and analysing your present advertising strategy and content. After that, we continue with strong creative development. To make sure we are delivering the correct message to the right audience at the right time, we carry out targeted testing prior to launch. We continually improve your campaign as it progresses, making any required adjustments to get the greatest results. Last but not least, we expand your campaign to ensure that we can consistently provide these positive outcomes.

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